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How To Automatically Resolve Compilation Errors In A Hidden Module

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    Last week some readers reported a compilation error in Hidden Module Auto. Simultaneously press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard. Enter %appdata% in the launch field.This will open your AppData folder publicly. Choose Roaming > Microsoft > Forms.Find the most.Restart Excel and check if the issue is resolved.

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    Protected module contains a collection error. Because the bug is protected in a trusted module, it cannot remain visible.

    How do I fix a compile error in VBA?

    Open the database or application.Open the current module in Design view or Media view ALT+F11 to switch to the Visual Basic editor.From the Tools menu, tap Links with your finger.Clear the check box for a type library or object library marked as missing.

    This error often occurs when the code is specifically incompatible with the version or urban style of that application (example: the codes in the document are for 32-bit Microsoft Office applications, but should be designed to run 64-bit Office). Error

  • This fires when a collection error occurs in VBA code only in a protected (hidden) module. The specified compiler error is expanded even if the module is protected.
  • If you have access to VBA code in a document or project, unprotect the current module and then rerun swap to see the selected error.

  • So if you don’t have access to the type of VBA code in the document, contact the author of the document to update the code in the course.

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    Quick and Easy PC Repair

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • Have questions or ideas about Office VBA or this information? For instructions on how to get help and provide feedback, see Office VBA Support and then Feedback.

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    Last module compilation failed is an error message that some MS Word and Excel users may experience.

    The error lesson usually starts when office workers open Word or Excel. Therefore, even the application starts.

    Does the error message “Error compiling with hidden module” appear when opening Excel or Word? If so, here are some file sizes that might solve the problem.

    How To Fix Compilation Errors In Word/Excel?

    How do I fix a compile error in a hidden module?

    Update Adobe Acrobat. Compilation error in hidden module can always be caused by having two Adobe Acrobat web files in MS Office folders.Move the pdfmaker files to another folder. PDF creator.Re-save the OCX files using the command line.Update your Norton antivirus software.Uninstall the Norton software.Run Stellar Repair for Excel.

    1. Update Adobe Acrobat
    2. Move Pdfmaker files to another folder
    3. Reregistering OCX files using the command line
    4. Update your Norton antivirus software
    5. Uninstalling the Nort softwareon
    6. Run Stellar to restore Excel

    1. Update Adobe Acrobat

    A hidden module compilation error can be caused by two Adobe Acrobat template files creating MS Office folders. Therefore, modifying Adobe Acrobat is one way to solve the problem.

    In addition, it is extremely important that the software is from a trusted source, so we highly recommend that you install Acrobat from their reputable website.

    Acrobat is a powerful set of editing tools, often closely related to Microsoft Office content formats. It creates fully digital documents.

    There’s really no need to start from scratch, if you run into a great bug, you can quickly export PDF via other Microsoft 365 like Word, Excel, or Powerpoint.

  • Streamlined workflows for all strategies, from desktop to mobile and web.
  • Convert PDF files to Microsoft 365 formats
  • Advanced collaboration tools to share, view and sign documents across devices
  • Edit web datain scanned spreadsheets and turn templates into fillable forms.
  • A powerful set of editing tools (merge, transform, delete, rotate, crop, etc.)
  • To manually check for Adobe updates, see the help in the Acrobat window.

    Select Check for Updates to open the panel updater. Then you can click the “Download and install” button if there are updates at all.

    2. Move The Pdfmaker Files To The Folder

    Pdfmaker Another.xla and are two Adobe Acrobat images associated with a compilation error found in a hidden module issue. Therefore, moving user files out of their MS Office folders may also fix the error.

    How to move user files to a different directory in Windows 10.

  • Click the “Enter here to search” button to open the Cortana payment window.
  • Type Pdfmaker.xla into the search bar to find this file.
  • To find the file, type find in the search field.
  • Then right-click those files and select “Open File Site” in File Explorer to open themapp.
  • If you cannot find these information files using the search function, open the MS Office Startup and XLstart files in File Explorer. The new enterprise folder contains the file and the xlstart directory contains the Pdfmaker.xla file.
  • To move Pdfmaker applications to the desktop, right-click the explorer in each one and select Cut.
  • Right-click another folder (or Windows desktop) to move it and select Paste.
  • 3. Re-register OCX Files Using The Command Line

    How do I fix compile error in hidden module version on Mac?

    Hidden module errors in Excel usually indicate that your add-ins have expired or are incompatible with your Excel regarding the Mac version. To resolve the issue, update the add-ons. If the error persists, disable or remove Problematic add-ins, or change the Excel class.

    Professional advice. Some PC issues are hard to troubleshoot, especially when it comes to repositories that can get corrupted due to missing Windows files. If you’re having trouble fixing the error, your personal system may be partially faulty. We recommend that you install Restoro, a tool that allows you to scan your computer and determine what the error is.
    Click “Next download” and start recovery.

    compile error in hidden module auto

    A compilation error in a hidden module can also be a side effect of Windows updates. So arrFinally, registering a new mscomctl.ocx file may also solve the problem. Here’s how to re-save an OCX file on the command line.

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