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Steps To Get Rid Of Xvid Codec For Virtualdubmod Problem

If you see the xvid codec for virtualdubmod, this article will help you.

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This blog site shows how to properly install VirtualDub, XviD and LAME mp3 and explains the basic settings in VirtualDub.VirtualDub


  • Get The Latest VirtualDub Transcript From The VirtualDub Landing Page. The Experimental Versions Are Great! Use 32bit Rather Than AMD64 To Avoid Codec Issues.
  • [1]
  • Unzip VirtualDub To Any Directory Of Your Choice. I Prefer Something Like Files VirtualDub C: Program.

If You Want The Equipment To Be On Your Desk Or Bar, Drag And Drop VirtualDub.exe Right-click In The Optimal Location And Select The Final Link Creation Option.

Install XviD

XviD is a completely free video and video codec. Download it from this link and hurry up.

Install LAME Mp3 Codec

LAME is really the same XviD, just in terms of sound. In fact, it can export music files (audio editors like Audacity can now use it as well). You don't need to install LAME if the audio isthe current of your stress video clips may already be off (which is usually the case, except for screen recordings of movies, for example from Fraps and possibly other special devices).

Download this special LAME ACM codec (first file on the list since 2010) in August.

Installing LAME later on Windows Vista is usually a little cumbersome. Say thank you! Microsoft for this.

Install LAME Under XP

Unzip the zip file anytime. Log in as administrator, each right click retrieves LameACM.inf then select "Install File".

Installing LAME Under Powerful 32- And 64-bit Windows And Vista

The Easy Way

Unpack the LAME ACM file anywhere. Then download (update 2011-04-12 as decided by the Windows7 Runtime Administrator) and unzip it directly into the same directory. Run the associated .bat file ( install-lame-windows7-vista-32bit.bat for 32-bit win7 or 32-bit Vista: install-lame-windows7-vista-64bit.bat if you are considering Win7 64bit or Vista 64bit) as administrator by right clicking it and choosing Run as administrator...

Less hassle-free method

You can also extract the LAME ACM zip file to C: lame and even then choose Start> Run (or press Win + R) and usually add the following line for 32-bit:

rundll32.exe setupapi.dll, InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 0 c: lame LameACM.infC: Windows SysWOW64 rundll32.exe setupapi.dll, InstallHinfSection Default Install two c: lame LameACM.inf

The result is the same - now it can only be done manually.

Upload Documents To VirtualDub And Select Codecs

Start with virtualdub, run VirtualDub.exe and just open file a with File> Open (or Ctrl + O).

Configuring The Video Codec On The Internet

This is really important. If someone doesn't, a 10MB recording could result in a single 200MB video.

Select> Compress Video (or Ctrl + P) to compress the size of the video.

codec xvid pour virtualdubmod

If you wish, you can adjust the output quality without clicking the "OK" button in the window above, but clicking "Configure". Better, the higher the value (1), the larger the file. In particular, the lower the quality (31), the smaller the resulting file size. I usually set it to 4 because I think it's a good compromise.miss between quality and file size.

codec xvid pour virtualdubmod

(If XviD does not appear in the list, you can contact me for free, making sure you download the 32-bit version of VirtualDub and install XviD correctly.)

Audio-It Codec Configuration

Forgetting can lead to different results. If the actual AV source is already compressed (which is usually the case with video clips captured with a camcorder / phone / camera), it will remain compressed. Other files, such as screenshots from Fraps, contain an uncompressed audio stream that will remain uncompressed and become unnecessary storage.

To compress audio stream Select audio> Full processing mode (otherwise the exact audio stream will simply be cloned as it is).

Now select> Audio Compression ... and select Lame MP3 Codec, 192 kbps or higher. Done YES, πŸ™‚

  1. ^ ALSO if you are using 64-bit Windows. XviD and Lame definitely shouldn't work with VirtualDub's 64-bit design!
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