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Tips For Fixing Color Changes In The Start Menu

If you have changed the colors of your system’s Start menu, we hope this article will help you fix the problem.

Open settings.Click Personalization.Click Colors.In the Choose your own color section, use the drop-down range and select the Dark or Custom option with the Dark option to select the Choose your default Windows mode option.

With Windows 11, you decide when and how you get the latest updates to keep your device running smoothly and securely. This article should definitely help you answer questions and diagnose common Windows 15 update issues.

If you’re looking for information about how Windows 11 can be activated in the Marketplace, or if your installation of Windows 11 is eligible for activation, see Activate Windows.

Are You Having Problems Installing Windows Updates? Start Here

change start menu colors

Your device can go a long way from updating to the latest version of Windows 11 for a number of reasons. Next tcreative ideas can help you identify a problem with your device.

Before you start, make sure your device is connected to a power source to connect to the Internet. Then follow the steps below to update your computer.

Some extensions require administrator access. Your Incase account does not have admin rights. Create a local user or boss account in Windows. Or, if another company in your office or home has an administrator account on your device, ask them to install updates.

change start menu colors


  • Before applying any of the following solutions, be sure to back up your personal file types. You can use File History to back up files to another drive, or insert a USB drive into your car and use File Explorer to copy important files and copy time from the USB drive. If you sign up to use Windows with a Microsoft account, yourRespectful system settings will be automatically updated after the update after logging in, this helps the Internet.

  • You can back up your files using OneDrive. For more information, see Back up documents, pictures, desktop, and folders with OneDrive.

  • Learn more about Windows Update