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Steps To Fix Ccmexec Log Errors When Logging Hosted Class Issues

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    If you’re getting a ccmexec log error when registering a hosted class, this guide should help.


    You have read the following error in %windir%system32ccmlogsCcmExec.log:
    “Could not create hosted class ‘E67DBF56-96CA-4e11-83A5-5DEC8BD02EA8’. Code 0x80040154


    This log entry does not indicate a problem with the client and is safely ignored.

    Affected Software:

    Configuring System Center Manager (SCCM) 2007
    System Center Manager (SCCM) 2007 R2 Settings


    Comment #1 far from fahad [username: guest] accessed Jul 13, 2011 09:07
    why the system state is not updated in the SCCM console.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • This section contains general troubleshooting you troubleshoot customer management issues in setupManager 2007 not specifically related to installation,Distribution or mixed mode or own.

    More about client implementation in configurationManager 2007, Planning and Deployment2007 Client Configuration Manager.

    Controlclients Is Impossible BecauseCannot Find Default Control Point

    Clients Losing History Or DataUnmanaged And Also Missing From The All Systems Collection

    Missing Data In Customer Reports

    Error Codes In Reports WithoutDescription

    Computers Don’t Receive VPUpdates After A One-time Software Update Client InstallationCustomized

    Hardware Crash When ClientSwitch Site Mode While BITS Installation Is Waiting For Reboot

    The Configuration Manager Client RemainsPublished In After Wsus You Delete The Site

    YourWhat Is The Load On The Standby State PointMainly Caused By Client Resync Onkeypress=”ExpandCollapse_CheckKey(sectionToggle8)”

    Unable To Approve Or Block (or Unblock)External Client Destination Site

    Client Communication FailedSPN Not Configured When Using CNAME Site (DNS For Alias)Systems Such As Distribution Points And Management Points

    Clients Establishing A VPN Connection Via UnableInstall Software Updates Or Show Ads

    Missing Message “Check Data Is Invalid”Or Frequently Appears In PolicyAgent.log

    Enable Available Cache SizeConfiguration Manager Client Computer Null

    Available Cache Space And Its LocationPrints Incorrectly In 64-bit Configuration ManagerClients

    Links “Save FailedHosted Class” In The Client Log File CCMExec.log

    See See Also

    If Configuration Manager 2007 clients successfullystill installed linked to the site but forgot to load the policy,Possible reason why the site has a “default administrator”points, otherwise customers will not be able to get it.


    Configuration Manager 2007 helps ensure that eachThe 36-month Configuration Manager client has a unique ID. Whena duplicate hardware ID is identified by a configuration extensionManager 2007 automatically creates another customer record for registration.Duplicate. With this setting, you can quickly orDeploy update clients that may have identical hardware IDs withoutrequire manuallyth intervention. However, with this settingA computer that offers you a new or restored image after a crasha new record is created that includes all the previous informatione.g. because the client is no longer available and is required for the reportgoals.

    ccmexec log error registering hosted class

    Other configuration will require thisAdministrator must manually match all records if in doubtthey are recognized. This attitude affects potential customersunmanaged and no longer appears in selections, but displaysunder the Conflicting Records node. These clients remainunmanaged until all admins resolve the conflict.

    See Managing clients for important informationPersonality” in Ccmexec Loggfel Vid Registrering Av Vardklass
    Error De Registro De Ccmexec Al Registrar La Clase Alojada
    Ccmexec 로그 호스팅 클래스 등록 오류
    Erreur De Journal Ccmexec Lors De L Enregistrement De La Classe Hebergee
    Errore Di Registro Ccmexec Durante La Registrazione Della Classe Ospitata
    Blad Dziennika Ccmexec Podczas Rejestrowania Hostowanej Klasy
    Ccmexec Logfout Bij Het Registreren Van Gehoste Klasse
    Ccmexec Protokollfehler Beim Registrieren Der Gehosteten Klasse
    Oshibka Zhurnala Ccmexec Pri Registracii Razmeshennogo Klassa
    Erro De Log Do Ccmexec Ao Registrar A Classe Hospedada