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Is This The Best Way To Fix Problems With AVI Files In Windows Media Player?


You should check out these fixing recommendations if you get the error message Can I play AVI files in Windows Media Player on your computer.

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    g.Windows Media Player should read AVI archives by default. If you don’t really care about using Windows Media Player, installing VLC is a good idea as there is no need to install emergency codecs – it comes with everything you have. You need to play AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, MPEG. Requires -2 or more, and can also stream video to the Internet.




    With coBuilding TV files, they can be compressed to reduce file size using a product (or compressor) installed on the entire developer’s computer. If you are definitely reading the file, you must have a decompressor installed on your computer that can test that particular compression format. This TV show is called Codec a.

    Typically, when someone tries to play a directory that uses a codec that is not installed on your computer, Windows Media Player tries to download that particular codec from the Microsoft server. If a codec is available, your Windows Media Player will install it on your new computer and then play the image. However, if the codec is not exclusively available on the server (the codec may not be recognized by Microsoft), Windows Media Player displays a message stating that your device does not have a codec.

    In some cases, a small portion of the file you want to play uses a codec that is simply not available or is not compatible with Windows Media Player. At this point, you will not be able to use Windows Media Player to play the above .av filei.

    To fix this error, find the download and invoke the codec.

    Before you start, you need to know which version of Windows is running on your computer. Determine which Windows package you are using on your treadmill. To ensure that you are familiar with Windows with a personal computer administrator account, visit the following Microsoft website: Next, you need to know your version of Windows Media Player. If you are using Windows Vista, you will create Windows Media Player 11. If you are still using Windows Check XP, Windows Media Player includes help for finding the version.

    Now that you have determined which version of Windows Media Player you are using, go to the “Use your human body” section and select your version of Windows Media Player.

    Note. If you are using a version of Windows Media greater than 6.4, see the “Previous Versions of Windows Media Player” section in the “Next Steps” section for help.

    In some cases, the Windows Media Player error message may contain information about the codec file, if needed. The error message may also include ssyAnyone can click to download their codec file. So to resolve the issue, read the .avi file and check the error message in Windows Media Player for help.

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  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
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  • Double-click the .avi file you want Windows Media Player to play.

    Click on the web help and view the incorrect codec information and the correct link if the codec is available for download.

    Note. If the link for a codec is simply not available, search the Internet for that codec to see where it is available. If someone cannot figure out which codec you really need, or if you cannot find the application, the codec may not display. Or, you may not find yourself attractive with Windows Media Player. Therefore, Windows Player support may not be required to play this particular .avi file.

    In some cases, the current error in the Windows Media Player message contains information about a required codec file. Thought error can also provide a site that you can click to download the codec file. Therefore, toto solve the specific problem, read the entire AVI file, and view the Windows Media Player error message.

    If you would like to make the codec available for download, click in the web help for information on the missing codec and its ratio.

    Note. If a link for your codec is not available, search the Internet for that primary codec to see where it is available. If you can’t select a codec or can’t find one, the codec may no longer be available. Or, it might not be compatible with Windows Media Player. Hence, you will not be able to use Windows Player to play that particular .avi file.

    can i play avi files in windows media player

    In many cases, when displaying this FourCC identifier in the error message, a well-known codec identifier is used. You can use the main FourCC ID of the dealer who created the codec. Then you will find out if you can get all the codecs you need from the manufacturer.

    If people get an error, check the FourCC id. If you have a FourCC ID, write it down. The four characters after “vids:” or possibly “vidc:” are unique anda FourCC identifier that can be used to identify the codec of a specific .avi file.

    For example, if the guitar string is “vids: vcr2”, “vcr2” is the FourCC identifier.

    Note. If an ignored FourCC identifier is listed in the error message, unfortunately you will not be able to use Windows Media Player to play that particular .avi file.

    Use the FourCC identifier to determine if a manufacturer has created this particular codec. In step 3, for example, the person’s FourCC ID was “vcr2”. So search the FOURCC stream for “vcr2” to find the manufacturer of the codec. In this example, you will notice that “ATI Video Codec 2” is always displayed as the codec name, and “ATI Is technologies” is displayed as the owner (or manufacturer).

    can i play avi files in windows media player

    If you cannot find the specified codec or manufacturer, you can try to frequently search the Internet for the codec and manufacturer using our FourCC ID.

    Note. Please note that not all manufacturers provide their codecs for download. If you cannot get a new required codec from the manufacturer, no one will be able to use it.Specify Windows Media Player to play those specific types of .avi files.

    60782 Hardware and software vendors talk about information; Microsoft’s third-party Q-Z vendors provide selective contact information to help you find technical issues. This contact information may need to be changed in order to advertise. Microsoft does not guarantee that this third party information is correct. If the manufacturer’s link is not available on the Microsoft Knowledge Base website, try searching the Internet.



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    Even Lifestyle and Windows Media Player have built-in support for playing AVI files, you can still run into issues. In this blog, I will explain the reasons why AVI videos may not play and what you can do to fix the problem.

    How do I convert AVI files to Windows Media Player?

    Step 1 Add AVI files to AVI to use Windows Media Player Converter. Just drag and drop AVI files into the main interface of Windows Media Player AVI Converter.Step 2 set WMV as output format.Step 3 Convert AVI to Windows Media Player.

    What will play AVI files on Windows 10?

    Play AVI video in another media player. Besides Windows Media Player, you can use VLC Media Player, KMPlayer, RealPlayer, JetVideo Player, or PotPlayer to play AVI files on Windows 10.




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