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Various Ways To Fix Error C2011

This user guide is designed to help you when you receive error code c2011.

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    You can also get C2011 if you move the header file or type the archive more than once into the correct file. To prevent multiple inclusion associated with types defined in the h2 tag file, use an include guard or the #pragma Once directive in the h2 tag file.

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    Posted in FraserG Programming June 4, 2015

    Dealing with bugs is never fun, especially at night when there is no one to get ideas from. In the wake of my adventures in programming, I am linking many compilation errors, and perhaps by publishing and fixing them, I can help one or the other solve the problem later.

    Error C2011 – ‘class Name’ >> Type Override ‘class’

    What is this? Error C2011 means you are trying to override a previously defined code.
    Common Causes Common Causes – Having Multiple Links and Including Sample Header Filea (see below).
    How to solve this problem? You can fix this error by making sure the class you are actually including is not loaded more than once. Two ways that can help with this: the first is to iterate over your code, but also only include header files if they are useful for that class (see this post for the difference between including and even l inheriting – you can help do that, to inherit instead?). The second is to actually protect the class you see, since the error (i.e. included) just needs to be included more than once. See examples below.

    Example Of Reason

    An example of such an error would be inserting a header file more than once when trying to compile the code. For research purposes, if you have three classes, Foo, Bar, and Boo, where it turns out that Foo is an include file for Bar and Boo, and Boo also contains Bar, we might have a law that looks like this:

    class foo //Some operations;

    #include classify bar //Some operations;
    #include #include great boo    //Some operations;

    If we try to compile this code plus compile boo, the compiler will decide that waterhole needs to be compiled first (to make sure bar is likely to be included). When compiling the standard, the compiler sees that foo must be compiled (to make sure foo is suitable for inclusion). After profitable compilation, foo bar will design and compile boo reports for you. Then it seems to have to compile foo (to make some foo eligible for inclusion) on top of boo, but that would be C2011 – foo has certainly been compiled and therefore generally defined.

    Correction Examples

    There are two ways to correct the mistake made above. First, reformat all includes so that foo is only included once, or consider inheritance more often (if includes works – don’t acquire unnecessarily, of course).

    Second, define something unique in the concrete class so that when the compiler switches back to a recompiled class, it doesn’t have recompilation problems. This is up toIt is defined with #define #ifndef and #endif as shown in the example below.

    c2011 error

    #ifndef foo_class#define foo_classcool thing    //Some operations;#endif

    Of course, it’s good programming practice that you should try the first option and make sure you don’t include the directory twice unnecessarily, but whether you have any problems or not, this will solve your problem.

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    #include.h"AAA gradeGeneral:    std::strXstring;    std::string st;;

    When I try to compile the project for you, I get an error

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  • Error C2011: "AAA" . . . Redefining the "class" type.

    Nowhere else in my provider have I overridden the AAA class. How to solve this problem?

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    c2011 error

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