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What To Do About Brother Mfc Drum Error 9440?

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    In the past few weeks, some of our users have informed us that they are having Brother mfc 9440 drum error.

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    • June 19, 2018
    • Author: TonerParts Tech

    How do I fix the drum error on my Brother printer?

    Make sure the machine is turned on.Open the front cover.Press OK for 2 seconds.Press the up arrow or 1 toCreate a drum counter.Close the first cover.

    There are almost always different types of Brother printers and multifunctional devices on the market. One of the best and most reliable printers that can be produced is the MFC MFC-9440CN, a powerful color laser multifunction printer for printing, copying, simulating and faxing with all network functions. Drum Error Reset Theme for Brother MFC-9440: Whenever you replace the drum cartridge with a new innovative cartridge, you should immediately reset the drum cartridge master counter by following these steps:

    1. Turn on the power to the unit again.
    2. Tap Menu> Device Information> Reset Menu.
    3. Press the up or down arrow to select a drum.
    4. Click OK. 1 for
    5. click set countersto the drum.
    6. Press Stop / Exit.

      How do you reset a brother drum error?

      Close the front cover.Make sure the device is turned on.Hurry. (Settings).Tap All Settings. (On some models, you can skip this step.)Select Vehicle Information. or machine information => parts life.Press and pin Drum or Drum Life until the message on the machine display changes normally.Click yes.Hurry.


    There are two completely different types of toner capacity in this model.

    Please note that these instructions only apply to the MFC9120CN and MFC9125CN. For all other models, please stop here, then select your model and start troubleshooting your drum.

    The text “Drum error, sliding green mark on drum” usually appears when the drum is really dirty or has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced. Please follow the correct instructions to clean your device’s wiring. If the underlying problem persists, you will need to reinstall the drum (s) on your current computer.

    1. Clear it corona wire in the drum for all four colors.

    brother mfc 9440 drum error

    a. Open fully Lift the top cover onto the top bracket (1).

    b. R Remove nsome sets of toner from drum and cartridge . Make sure my assemblies are on a clean, level surface. Place a piece of disposable paper underneath it in case you spill or spill toner.

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  • c. On each one, find the golf course tab in the upper left corner. Clean the main corona wire inside the drum unit by gently sliding the green tab to the right so you can move from left to right countless times. Make sure you move all green tabs back to home level (1). Failure to mark the position of the gap with the green mark may result in vertical dragging of the printed pages.

    d. new drum Install the unit and toner cartridge by inserting each unit into the device. Make sure the toner enhances the cartridge color and the same label color on some devices.

    If the problem persists, a reel property indicates that it may be needed replace. You can follow these steps to reset the counter, for example, replace drum soon

    How do I get my Brother printer to recognize my new drum?

    Make sure the machine is turned on.Close the front cover.Press and hold the OK button and the up arrow at the same time.Press the OK buttons to select Drum.Click the down icon to reset the drum counter.

    if you notice a drop in the excellent quality of your printed pages.

    Whenever the owner replaces a drum with a new large one, they must completely reset the drum counter by doing the following:

    1. Press 3 9.
      at the same time.
    2. Select a drum and press OK
    3. Press the up or down arrow button to change the color of the drum, which you changed later. Click OK.
    4. Press 1 to reset the drum counter of the storage unit.
    5. Click Stop / Exit.

    Why does my Brother printer keep saying drum error?

    The text message “Drum Error” appears on a specific screen when the corona wire in the drum needs to grow to be cleaned. Open the front cover and remove the drum unit and toner cartridge. Make sure the drum and toner that make up your product can be placed on the sheet of paper in case toner spills or spills.

    If the problem persists after replacing the drum, please contact us via chat or ask a question at the top of the current page.

    brother mfc 9440 drum error

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