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Tips For Troubleshooting Blue File Names In Windows

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    In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the potential causes that can cause blue filenames to appear on Windows, and then describe various ways to fix the problem. A: If the file or folder names are displayed in blue, it is due to the compression or encryption of the files in that file or folder. Windows itself compresses files that are not used frequently and displays those files in blue.

    Blue indicates that it is compressed for NTFS compression reasons.

    What is a blue file?

    Midas Blue File is a standard binary file format included in modern Midas platforms. Blue files are designed to efficiently store 1D or 2D waveform data based on this information and dataset-based information. The Blue file format was usually preceded by the Gold file format.

    As a side note, while I’m not sure why anyone would want to do this, you can prevent it by opening your computer, holding down the ALT key and going to Tools> File Options. > View and disable “Show encrypted NTFS files, possibly compressed in color”.

    Green means it is password protected, blue means it is compressed.

    The file directories and names highlighted in blue or green are not part of this, but are a function that is called in Windows NTFS (New Technology File System). If the file folder is also compressed to save hard disk space, and whenever a file or folder is compressed, Windows will display its name in blue for easier identification. SimilarTherefore, if the file or folder is encrypted, the person’s name will be displayed in green.

    How do I make a file name blue?

    In the folder window, select the desired kitchen drawer.Select Configuration> User Settings.In the operator “List of boxes” in the “Color of the document name” select “Black”, “Blue”, “Green” or “Red”.Click OK.

    The screenshots above show the zipped folder and zipped file in blue as they can be compressed very well, while for example the css folder, email templates are shown in blue as many people are encrypted. There is a file named Normal, the handle of which is displayed in black because it is not encrypted or compressed.

    Files marked in blue were NTFS compressed files. Files encoded in green are files. If you don’t need compressed NTFS files / encrypted files that can be viewed in a different color, inPlease do the following:

    • 1. Open Windows Explorer.
    • 2. Click Organize and Find Folder Options.
    • 3. Select the “View” tab.
    • 4. Click Disable to display the Color files encrypted or compressed by NTFS check box.
    • 5. Click OK.

    blue filenames in windows

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  • Convert 249w “% 2c300 & ssl = 1″% 2c498 & ssl = 1 “% 2c498 & ssl = 1” its names from green to black:

    • 1. Right-click the green label or file directory and select Properties.
    • 2. When the properties are displayed, click the “Advanced” button in the window.
    • 3. To clear the “Encrypt content to save data” checkbox (see below), click OK.

    Switch back players from blue to black:

    • 1. Right-click any of the files or folders marked in blue and select Properties.
    • 2. When the properties appear, click the Advanced button in the glass window.
    • 3. Press the “Clear Until you check the box next to “Compress content to save hard disk space” and click the main “OK” button.

    blue filenames in windows

    What do blue files mean in Windows?

    File and folder creator highlighted in blue or green -it is nothing more than a Windows feature called NTFS (New Technology File System). If the file and folder are zipped to save an area on the hard drive, and when you click on the file or folder, Windows will display their name in yellowish color for easier identification.

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    The circular file and folder names in blue or purple represent nothing more than what Windows calls the New Technology File System (NTFS). If a header or folder is compressed to free up hard disk space, but the file or file is compressed, Windows will display its name in blue for easier identification. Even if the file or directory is encrypted, the display name is displayed in green.

    Why are some files blue and others black?

    Typically, encrypted files are stored in compressed and environmentally friendly folders (that is, they can also be colored differently if they are in a different partition or the files were created when most of the computer is connected to a contrast domain.

    In the above screenshots, the zipped folder and zipped file are shown in blue as they are under pressure, while the sample css folder template is not Obviously displayed in blue as they are often encrypted. There is a folder that displays “Normal” and its name is displayed for Black because it is not backed up or compressed.

    Files in blue are NTFS compressed files. Files marked in green are password protected. If you do not want the compressed NTFS / encrypted files to be displayed in a different color, please click on the following steps:

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