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Fix Blackberry Bold Error 561

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    Here are some easy ways to help you fix your Blackberry Bold 561 error.

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    1. DeeDudnath avatar


      J ‘was right When I use the 9900 and shut it down, a specific reboot screen appears. I haven’t updated it, so now I go to anyone but a human, oh damn I lose everything on my phone? will likely solve most of these problems. PLEASE HELP ME

      07-05-12 11:10 am

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    2. blackberry bold 561 error

      according to the information provided here, error messages: BlackBerry Device Software – Smartphones BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 – User Guide ‘user – BlackBerry Bold Series – 7. Corrective Action 0 for ReceivedMy errors – reboot of the operating system.

      … and I know the item is for 9900/9930, errors, type codes are the same as end results, mostly because of this.

      blackberry bold 561 error

      Try the following:

      Hope someone has a family data backup …….

      07-05-12 11:14