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How To Eliminate BIOS Lag When Searching For A Hard Drive

If you are experiencing BIOS lag when detecting a hard drive on your system, we hope this blog post can help you fix it.

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    Troubleshoot if the main motherboard boots quickly before the new hard drive is usable and usually ready.

    Some motherboards boot quickly before the hard drive spins up and the upshift is complete. Therefore, the drive may not be recognized when booting in frosty weather, but it may be recognized after hot boot or possibly reboot, and the hard drive will work normally, power will not be ready when the computer is cold start.

    • Warm start of the computer. This means that if a problem occurs, you will have to restart your computer frequently. Impossible drive ready immediately after reboot. This is a possible workaround, but not the previous solution.
    • Set a delay in the BIOS so that the motherboard waits for emergency shutdown.
      For this:
      1. Boot into the BIOS of the infected computer. See an example of these helpful tips for the easiest way to do this.
      2. In BIOS, look for HDD Pre-Delay, Delay, hdd HD Timeout or similar setting in BIOS and set the number to 5 seconds or less as you need. It can take a bit of trial and error to figure out which option is best for your computer.
      3. Save and restart for easy testing.
      4. If this option is missing, uninstall Quick Post Quick or Boot in BIOS. Let this delay be enough to get you ready for your trip.
    • On the other hand, enabling disk scan along with other options like extension can also fix this problem.

      Hard Drive Pre-Delay

      Why won’t my BIOS detect hard drive?

      The BIOS should not recognize the hard drive if the data cable is damaged and the connection is not correct. In particular, Serial ATA cables sometimes come loose. The easiest way to test a wire is to replace it with a specific cable. If the problem persists, then the cable was not the root cause of the problem.

      Why is my hard drive not showing up in the boot menu?

      2] Check the cable and USB upstream connection. If you make a mistake, the specific computer won’t be able to recognize the drive. Hence, a person may face this problem when most of the HDD / SSD data cables are disconnected or the USB port is not working. Here you can try replacing cables or another USB connection to see if it is generally recognized.

      General options: off, 3 seconds, 6 seconds, 9 seconds, 12 seconds, 15 seconds, 21 seconds, 30 seconds

      Hard Drive Pre-Delay: An Overview

      How do I enable my HDD in BIOS?

      Reboot PC and F2 media channels to enter BIOS; Go to the installer and check the system documentation to actually see if the unrecognized drive is turned off in the system setup program; If disabled, enable it in system settings. Restart your computer to check and now locate your hard drive.

      The BIOS ‘Hard Drive Pre-Delay’ feature allows the BIOS to delay initialization of problematic drives Hard drives up to 30 seconds for a few seconds. The latency gives your IDE devices more time to boot before the BIOS initializes them.

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    Unless customers are using the old IDE swings and the BIOS has no problem initializing IDE devices, it is often recommended to disable this BIOS feature, which is designed for the shortest boot times possible. Most devices will have no problem starting initialization on time.

    bios delay finding harddrive

    But if one or more of your favorite IDE devices do not initialize during the boot process, restart with a new 3 second delay. Until that helps, gradually increase the latency until all of your IDE devices initialize properly during the boot process.

    Pre-delayed Hard Drive: Full Details

    Despite its shortcomings, the IDE standard is very backward compatible. Every update to it is by default fully compatible with older IDE devices. So you can actually use the historic 40MB hard drive that came with the old 386 PCs in your mountains.Newer Athlon XP System!

    However, even backward compatibility cannot satisfy the slower drives of older IDE drives. Basically, motherboards boot much easier these days, and IDE devices boot much earlier.

    bios delay finding harddrive

    Unfortunately, this also means older IDE drives cannot initialize power! When this appears, the BIOS cannot tell that the IDE drive is not for sale either, although it actually runs on a treadmill.

    This is where the hard drive latency feature in the hard drive BIOS comes into play. It is possible in the marketplace to force the BIOS to delay the initialization of your complex hard drives for up to 30 years. The latency gives your IDE devices more time to boot before the BIOS initializes them.

    Unless users are using old IDE hard drives and BIOS does not de-initialize IDE devices, it is recommended to disable this BIOS feature for the shortest boot time. Most device pages run on time without issue during initialization.

    How do I know if my hard drive is failing BIOS?

    Press and hold F2 during boot to open the BIOS setup screen. Make sure your hard drive is listed in the Boot Device section. If your hard drive is not listed, it means there is no bootable system music on the hard drive.

    However, if one or more personal IDE devices are not initialized During the boot process, boot with this 3 second delay. This may not help, gradually increase the latency until all of your IDE devices are intelligently initialized during the boot process.

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