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Biobiological Innovative Solutions For An Open Society


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    g.BiOS (Biological Open Source / Biological Innovation for Open Society) is an international initiative to promote innovation and freedom of use in the biological sciences.




    The BIOS project will design and test a completely new mechanism for the co-invention, development and delivery of biological technologies, inspired by the movement of open source software applications to the forge of created “protected communities” with the necessary knowledge and technologies. .BIOS
    (Organic Innovation for an Open Society) at:

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    Working to promote BiOS (Biological Open Source / Biological Innovation for Open Society) is the brainchild of the CEO of Cambia, a non-profit organization affiliated with the Canberra School of Australia. Dr. Richard Jefferson, through the open source movement in the information technology world, began a specialistA national movement to promote innovation and empowerment in the field of inbreeding.

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    To this end, Richard and his colleagues drafted the BiOS Fiber Transfer Agreement (MTA) and BiOS license. These two documents definitely do not call on those who adhere to BiOS “consistency” to claim intellectual property rights over the use of technology by others to conduct research or develop treatments, both for profit and for the benefit of the world. Instead of licensing fees or many other conditions that hinder innovation, as well as an agreement compatible with BiOS, the user must finally agree to the terms that promote cooperation and technology development in order to get their right to use the technology without a doubt.

    These conditions often mean that licensees cannot take over the main “core” of technology and equipment. Terrestrial technology remains the property of the company, whichI’ve designed them, but there is the potential to share improvements with others to create a safe and durable environment around the technology. They all accept the same conditions for accessing and viewing other information.

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  • In other words, to protect the legality of the technology, you must agree that it will not interfere with other people who agree to the actual terms of use of the equipment and the improvements in growing various products.

    bios biological innovation for open society

    Richard and his lab are working on two truly developed open source scientific technologies, TransBacter and GUSPlus, for which BiOS license types are available. The start, TransBatter, was developed to allow intensive patenting related to the production of transgenic plants. Fortunately, all online patents claiming methods for the cultivation of transgenic plants directly refer to the microorganism Agrobacterium tumefasciens. Therefore, the use of bacteria other than the genus Agrobacterium is not a promise. Cambia published her work on TransBacter with bacteria of the genera Rhizobium, Sinorhizobium and Mesorhizobium in Nature in 2005. Therefore, TransBacter technology should be exempt from Agrobacterium patents and should be available to all researchers and non-profit institutions outside of the country after signing the BiOS dossier. or commercial companies will be asked to sign a BiOS license with a contribution to Cambia, which will be calculated from the company’s borrowed funds.

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