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MS Outlook Basics Troubleshooting Easy Fix Solution

If you have basic knowledge of MS Outlook troubleshooting on your system, I hope this blog post can help you.

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    postalThere is no more storage space in the drawer. By default, for most mailboxes in Outlook, the optimal mailbox size is 50 GB.Outlook hangs or freezes when opening.Restore deleted items.Search doesn’t work.Show settings.

    Several features make Microsoft Outlook one of the most widely used email clients including the easy to use interface, advanced features and efficiency which are the most important.

    Even though MS leads are important to project management And, certain bugs can appear out of nowhere and significantly disrupt the normal course of your daily activities, albeit temporarily. These generic Outlook issues include freezing, startup issues, slowness, profile management issues, and more.

    Who knows, maybe you’d use this great, easy-to-fix software more often?

    Common Outlook Problems And Solutions

    How do I fix Microsoft Outlook problems?

    Select an Outlook file in Outlook Outlook 2010, 2013 or Outlook 2016. Settingsselect “Account” > account “Account Settings”.On the new email tab, select your (profile) account, and then select Restore.Follow the expert’s instructions and restart when outlook is finished.

    Note. The errors and solutions listed below ensure that you are using Outlook 2007. While most of them should work with other versions of Outlook, be aware that this may not be the case.

    basics of ms outlook troubleshooting

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    Problem 1: Outlook Stuck Loading – Profile

    This is the most common problem with Microsoft Outlook. Like the process of adding e-notes, emails, calendar items, attachments, attachments, etc. in Outlook, pst increases and becomes abnormally large. Over time, it reaches such a level that working with Outlook becomes almost impossible due to its completely crippled appearance.Oh speed. This may cause Outlook to fail loading when the profile has a problem.

    Decision. The first solution here is to actually reduce the size of the PST file. For this type, you need to remove anything that causes pst bloat. In outlook 2007, find a folder larger than 100 KB. It is created with all emails larger than 100 KB. They delete all previous unwanted emails (especially those with large attachments). If you really need a large attachment, save it to a CD, remove it from all PST files. Also delete all other ugly emails and empty the trash there.

    The second thing that can potentially work wonders is archiving email after a year of marriage. As a result, you have huge amounts of data stored on your blank disk, which offloads PST.


    this: Five Best Tips to Reduce Outlook PST File Size

    Problem 2: Is Outlook Not Working Or Not Responding?

    It’s strange to wonder how something that was supposed to help in so many cases could itself be the cause of my problems. Many Outlook add-ins claimthat help you work with Outlook and then make your job easier. Unfortunately, many add-ons contain bugs, many are poorly written. Further use of the corrupted add-in may result in an Outlook crash warning, without which Outlook may stop working. Installing too many different add-ons can also slow down Faith.


    Some of the things that can cause your email application to crash or stop working are Outlook profile corruption, Outlook data file corruption, etc.

    Decision. To find out if add-ins are causing certain problems, safely start Outlook and check if it works properly. Otherwise, the problem of deception is elsewhere. However, in this case, go to the Outlook Control Center, disable any suspicious add-ins and restart Outlook as usual.

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  • If disabling add-ins does not resolve the issue, try re-creating your Outlook profile. If a specific help doesn’t skip, go to the problem and next to it next to the solution.

    Someproblems – Outlook PST Is Corrupted

    You’ll know if the PST file is corrupted if you see a disappear message about when you open Outlook. A corrupted PST file can make all data inaccessible in Outlook because it cannot be opened.

    Decision. Microsoft’s built-in ScanPST.exe recovery utility has proven to be very effective in such situations. You will find it in a new folder and just use outlook. However, if the utility crashes or fails to repair a corrupted pst file, Stellar Repair Outlook for computer software can help.

    How do I check Outlook issues?

    Outlook search issues can be resolved by updating Office to the latest version. Open Outlook, select File > (office account only other Office programs). In the Product Information section, find the Update Options drop-down menu.

    Read this: Scanpst [Fixed].exe hangs, crashes when Outlook overwrites PST


    Issue 4: Email On Desktop Doesn’t Appear On Laptop

    basics of ms outlook troubleshooting

    If Outlook is installed on more than one computer, you will find that the email settings on one computer often do not match the others. one Loading an email address from two will also result in an inconsistency.

    Solution: follow these solutions to solve this problem:


    • copy the PST file to any location from one computer to Other. Whichever computer you have all your email on, manually copy its PST file to another, and then restart Outlook.
    • Switch to IMAP, which processes mail on the server that runs email synchronized by Outlook for .
    • li>

    Problem 5. You are spamming

    You will probably know from your wired connections that you are receiving unwanted emails because of them, although you may not know that you are sending them. This can be quite embarrassing if the recipient is an important colleague at work and the sent email is inappropriate.

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