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How To Fix Linux Error: Bash-sudo Command Not Found


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    If you are getting bash sudo did not find linux error code on your computer, you should check out these repair suggestions.



    I am trying to deploy a Django application.When transferringI have apt-get-Update I see

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  •   W: /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ could not be displayed - DirectoryExists (13: rejected)W: Authorization /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ could not be read - DirectoryExists (13: Forbidden)W: Authorization could not be verified /etc/apt/sources.list - RealFileExists authorization (13: denied)E: There is no list directory / var / lib / apt / lists / partial. - Acquisition (13: Authorization Denied)E: you cannot read / var / cache / apt / Opendir - (13: Permission Denied)E: Unable to read / var / cache / apt / Opendir - (13: Permission denied)E: Unable to open lock file / var / lib / dpkg / lock under any circumstances - wide open (13: permission denied)E: Failed to back up the admin directory (/ var / lib / dpkg /) with one root directory? 
      -bash: sudo: command not found 

    Instead, I used su for sudo .But this is weird.For example, I am typing su apt-get update And incredibly little happenedI just saw a new line

      (uiserver): u78600811: ~ $ su apt-get update(custom server): u78600811: ~ $ 

    The same thing happens when I try to install some packages.What is Unname fun?

      (uiserver): u87600811: ~ $ -aLinux infong1559 3.14.0-ui16294-uiabi1-infong-amd64 # 1 SMP Debian 3.14.79-2 ~ ui80 + 4 (2016-10-20) x86_64 GNU / Linux 

    requested March 27, 2017 08:18 PM


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    How do I fix sudo command not found in Linux?

    Hold down the Ctrl, Alt and F1 or F2 keys in Marketplace to switch to the virtual terminal. Type root, press Enter, and then enter the password for the original base user. You will get a # display for a hint. If buyers have a system, usually based on the apt package manager, the various apt-get can install sudo and press Enter.

    By default, sudo is not installed on Debian, and you can install it as well. First Aid –

    After Su mode:
    knew you would need to play around with users as well as permissions. Grant your own user sudo rights on the market.

    Make sure the sudo group of the file is setLena. Running:
    visudo to modify the sudoers fileand add the following line (if missing):

      # Allow the sudo group to execute the entire command% sudo ALL = (ALL: ALL) ALL 

    bash sudo command not found linux

    You need to reconnect to the device or restart the device for the changes to take effect.

    answered Feb 25, 2018 at 12:27 pm


    Since this is a commercial server, clients do not have access to the root trading account and cannot operate with root privileges. This means that you cannot run sudo and you do not need to install packages. You can see:

    • Make sure you are using compiler access and think about what you want for yourself and beyond at home.

    • Make sure you can run virtualmy car. This may allow you to run a secret instance of the operating system on which you will install packages.

    answered Mar 30 '17 at 18:04

    su and sudo are two different but equivalent commands. It is unusual for sudo not to install, but luckily it might not just get in your way. Try running the command / usr / bin / sudo .

    If in reality sudo is not available, as you would expect, your business should even use su , but it doesn't work the same way as sudo . The easiest way to use it is to just run it:

      su Will - 

    This prompts you for the password of my user root . At this point, you should probably apt install sudo wood from the root shell and then proceed as usual.

    Note that su prompts you for the root password, as opposed to sudo where you ask for your own password.

    helped since March 30 '17 at 20:28


    In an innovative install of a new Debian server, I also showed that sudo is not pinned by default, but can be run as root:

      $ su root# prepared the sudo install 

    The only thing that confused me was that I always get the errors that visudo and usermod have:

      # visudobash: visudo: control not found# apt install visudoRead Delivers Package ... DoneCreate dependency tree ... DoneReading Country Information ... DoneE: Gear Visudo cannot be found 

    In fact, visudo is usually included in the sudo it package and not in the PATH for root:

      # dpkg -S visudosudo: / usr / sbin / visudosudo: /usr/share/man/man8/visudo.8.gz 
      PATH = $ PATH: / usr / sbin 

    bash sudo command not found linux

    Now visudo usermod has been found, with which you can easily configure sudo access.

    answered October at 16:16




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    Why is sudo command not found?

    When you and your family run a command using sudo, you are effectively running it as superuser or root. The reason the root user can't just find your command is probably because the PATH environment variable does not contain the exact directory where is located. Therefore, no property was found.

    How do I sudo in bash?

    At the command line in the bash panel, enter $ sudo -v.Linux asks you to provide some security - enter the password for your main account.After Linux returns the bash shell, print $ type sudo su -Linux will no doubt respond with something like [root @ mislab01x root] #.




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