You are currently viewing How To Fix Baixar Bios Scph Error 39001 For PlayStation 2

How To Fix Baixar Bios Scph Error 39001 For PlayStation 2

Recently some users have encountered a known bug with baixar bios scph 39001 for playstation 2. There are a number of factors that cause this issue. Let’s discuss some of them below.

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      baixar Bios Scph 39001 Para Playstation 2 PlayStation some Bios Size 2. 40 MB October 20, 2018 October 20, 2018 Bios bought 15291 times

      Are You Looking For A ROM?

      How do I get PS2 BIOS for PCSX2?

      Find the PCSX2 download folder on the pricing page in the Start menu.You start with this initial setup screen.Review the publicly available plugins included in the PCSX2 emulator and click Next.When the BIOS screen appears, select “Open with Explorer” in the bottom corner.

      Cat. 2

      • Add Playstation Emulators: 7
      • Number of ROMs: 0
      • Bios Level: 4

      Random Emulator

      What bios do I use for PCSX2?

      Actually it requires the PlayStation 2 BIOS to boot on the web. This is a separate download right after PCSX2 boots up. You can download this BIOS below. BIOS PlayStation 2 (12.7 MB).

      Hebowin 00.04a

      As we all know, game console emulators are prohibited from publishing or publishing BIOS files on the Internet. For PlayStation 2 Playstation PCSX2 emulator, the official website does not provide the required BIOS files. But without a BIOS file, some emulator games won’t work at all.

      So, in this article, AppNee has truncated and split all the PlayStation 2 BIOS information for the PlayStation 2 (everything is packed in one package, and most, in turn, are organized into PAL / NTSC folders.) Download, Cost and most very simple for all types of PS2 emulators.

      These BIOS files apply to all 2nd PlayStation models and all regions (including Japan Type, Europe Edition, USA Edition and China, HK Edition). I dare say this AppNee PS2 BIOS AiO file stack is the most complete on the web and all have been tested and work great on PCSX2 emulator!

      // BIOS Version Information //

      Region Version Date
      China v01.90 23.06.2003
      Europe v01.20 02/09/2000
      v01.60 04/10/2001
      v01.60 03/19/2002
      v01.90 23.06.2003
      v02.00 04.11.2004
      v02.00 14.06.2004
      v02.20 October 2, 2006
      v02.20 20.06.2005
      Hong Kong v02.00 14.06.2004
      Japan v01.00 01/17/2000
      v01.50 01/18/2001
      v01.70 06/02/2003
      v02.00 14.06.2004
      v02.20 05/09/2006
      USA v01.60 07/02/2002
      v01.60 03/19/2002
      v02.00 14.06.2004
      v02.20 October 2, 2006
      v02.30 02/20/2008

      // BIOS Models Are Enabled //

      • SCPH-1001
      • SCPH-10000
      • SCPH-30000
      • SCPH-30003
      • SCPH-30004
      • SCPH-39001
      • SCPH-39004
      • SCPH-50000
      • SCPH-5003
      • SCPH-50004
      • SCPH-50009
      • SCPH-70000
      • SCPH-70004
      • SCPH-70006
      • SCPH-70008
      • SCPH-70012
      • SCPH-75004
      • SCPH-75008
      • SCPH-77000
      • SCPH-77001
      • SCPH-77004
      • SCPH-77008
      • SCPH-9001
      • SCPH-90006

      // Instructions For Use //

      1. Download and get the package file BIOS BIOS.
      2. Placing all BIOS images (ie they do not have a parent folder) in the PCSX2 “BIOS” directory in the program folder is a good functional idea. Of course, every emulator is different, but be sure to check the readme file for specific instructions.
      3. Also open the PS2 emulator and, if necessary, enter the location where the BIOS files are stored.
      4. Done

      // Related Links //

      • Collection of BIOS files for all video competition consoles

      // Load URLs //

      baixar bios scph 39001 para playstation 2

      *** Model SCPH-75004 (EUR-PAL version) was discontinued and was generously provided by Saeed from Iran.

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