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Solution For Avi Codec 11


Here are some simple steps that can help you fix avi 11 codec problem. g.For example, AVI content may contain videos compressed using the XviD, DivX, or MPEG-2 codecs. Typically a container contains a video codec, then an audio codec, and could potentially contain other files such as subtitles and chapters. Popular video or vaz formats are AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, MOV, FLV, etc.




When publishing a video file They can be compressed to reduce the file size using a program (or compressor) installed on the developer’s computer. When playing a video file, the computer must have a dispenser decompressor capable of playing that particular storage format. This program is a named codec.

If you try to access a file that uses this codec that is not installed on your computer, Windows Media Player will try to download the codec from your own Microsoft server. When a codec is always available, Windows Media Player installs it on your computer and plays the file. However, if the codec is not available on your current server (for example, because you see that the codec was not created by Microsoft), the current Windows Media Player will display a message stating that there is no reliable codec on your computer.

In some cases, the file that experts say they want to play is using a real codec that is incompatible with Windows Media Player. In this case, you will not be able to use Windows Media To Player to play this particularavi file. Fix

If you have this problem, find and get the required codec.

Before you start, you need to know which version of Windows is running on your computer. To find out which version of this window you are using. To verify that you are logged on to Windows with a computer administrator account, visit the appropriate Microsoft website:

avi codec 11 Then you need to specify your version of Windows Media Player. If you are using Windows Vista, Windows Media Player 9 will start. If you are using Windows XP, see the Windows Media Player Boot Help for version information.

After determining which version of Windows Media Player you are using, go to the section that matches your operating system and version of Windows Media Player.

Note. If you are using a version of Windows Media Player earlier than 6.4, go to the Previous Versions for Windows Media Player section in the Next Steps section for help.

In some cases, the Windows Media Player error message contains information about the codec required for the file. MessageThe Down arrow may also contain a complete link that you can click on if you need to download a codec file. So, to fix the problem, play the .avi file and check the error in Windows Media Player.

Double-click the .avi file you want to play with Windows Media Player.

Click in the web help for information on the missing codec and a link to download it.

Note. If a link is not available to help you use a codec, search the Internet for that pure codec to see where it is available. If you are unable to determine which codec to use, or cannot find it, most likely the codec will not be available. Or it may happen that the media player is often incompatible with Windows. So you still won’t be able to use Windows Player support to play that particular .avi file.

In some cases, the Windows error message in Media Player may point to a required codec file. The error message may contain a link that you can click to download a codec to use To eat. So, to fix the problem, play the .avi file and look for the error message in Windows Media Player Help.

avi codec 11

Click the web help for information on the missing codec and the link if you would like to download the codec.

Note. If the main link for a codec isn’t really available, search the web for that codec to see if it’s available. If you simply cannot determine which codec to use, or if you cannot find one, that codec may not be available. Or, it might not be compatible with Windows Media Player. Therefore, your site may not use certain Windows Player media to play these types of certain .avi files.

In some cases, the actual error message contains a codec ID known as a FourCC ID. You can use the FourCC ID to find the manufacturer who made the entire codec. Then see if you can get the codec you want from my manufacturer.

When you get the exact error checking message for the FourCC id. If FourCC ID is available, he will. The four characters after “vids:” or “vidc:” is that special FourCC identifier that you will likely use to find the codec for that particular .avi file.

If the string is “vids: vcr2”, then “vcr2” is the FourCC identifier.

Note. If the FourCC ID is usually not listed in the error message, unfortunately, you will not be able to play with Windows Media Player – this special .avi file.

Use the FourCC ID to find the manufacturer who has created the codec more than once. In the example in step 3, the FourCC identifier was “vcr2”. So look for “vcr2” in the FOURCC column to buy the codec and manufacturer. With this product, you will find that “ATI Codec Video 2” is listed as many times as the codec name is listed in addition to “ATI Technologies” as the user (or manufacturer).

If you cannot find all of the listed codecs or manufacturers, you can try searching the Internet for the codec and manufacturer by selecting FourCC ID.

Note. Please note that not all manufacturers offer unique codecs for download. If the owners cannot get the required codec from The manufacturer, they will not be able to use Windows Media Player to play that particular .avi file.

60782 Contact information for hardware and software vendors. Q-ZMicrosoft provides third party contact information to help you find technical support. This contact message can be published without changes. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this third party contact information.
If the manufacturer’s link is not found on the Microsoft Knowledge Base web pages, try searching the Internet.



Which codec is best for AVI?

As I have found, the standard Microsoft Video 1 codec provides the most suitable quality for AVI. Unfortunately, this creates the largest AVI video ever.

How do I fix missing codecs?

Install the missing codec:Update your display driver.Uninstall and reinstall the display driver.Remove the audio driver.Update your Windows operating system.Play AVI videos with VLC.Correct system records.

How do I find the codec of an AVI file?

To find out which codec was previously used with a particular file, have fun playing the file in your player for as long as possible. While participating in a file, right-click it in the directory and select Properties. Typically, on the File tab, see the Audio Codec and Video Codec sections. Use a third-party codec identification tool.




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