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How To Manage The Sound Troubleshooter In Ubuntu?

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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported that they are facing an issue with sound troubleshooting in Ubuntu. Ubuntu uses ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) to control audio output.

    How do I fix the sound on Ubuntu?

    Step 1: Install some utilities.Step 2: Update PulseAudio, not to mention ALSA.Step 3: Select PulseAudio even if you are using the default sound card.Step 4: Reboot.Step 5: Adjust the volume.Step 6: Check the sound.Step 7: Get the latest version of most ALSAs.Step 8: Restart and check.

    You should refer to this guide to gather important information for troubleshooting your sound card. This information isUseful for posting Launchpad comments or questions and getting help from volunteer seekers on the Launchpad forums: