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How To Fix Audio Codec Verb Table?

In the past few weeks, some of our readers have come across an error message with an audio codec verb table. There are many factors causing this problem. We’ll look at them now.

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    IOCTL_AZALIABUS_SENDVERBS The IOCTL is used by the Hdau.exe pin configuration whenever you define sound topologies on your audio adapters. Do not use this IOCTL for any other purpose. This IOCTL_AZALIABUS_SENDVERBS information is provided to assist in the design and implementation of the document. This IOCTL is supported in this Windows audio class driver Hdaudio 7.sys.

    High-definition (HD) audio codecs are able to receive and respond to words of action. These verbs and the responses to the codecs of those verbs can be documented as part of the HD Audio Specification .

    In Windows 7, later than the know-how version of the Windows operating system, the HD audio class driver allows the IOCTL IOCTL_AZALIABUS_SENDVERBS to be used to transmit action words with an audio codec. IOCTL_AZALIABUS_SENDVERBS is also defined as shown in the correct example:

      #define IOCTL_AZALIABUS_SENDVERBS 1, ctl_code (file_device_unknown, METHOD_BUFFERED, FILE_ANY_ACCESS) 

    audio codec verb table

    More information about FILE_DEVICE_UNKNOWN, METHOD_BUFFERED and in addition to FILE_ANY_ACCESS can be found in the Devioctl.h header information in the SDK windows.

    To initiatedata exchange with the codec, the audio driver calls the DeviceIoControl function according to the following parameters.

      BOOL DeviceIoControl (  (HANDLE) hDevice, // get the device  IOCTL_AZALIABUS_SENDVERBS, // dwIoControlCode  NULL, // lpInBuffer  0, // nInBufferSize  (LPVOID) lpOutBuffer, // output buffer (DWORD) nOutBufferSize, // Output buffer type  (LPDWORD) lpBytesReturned, // Number of bytes returned  (LPOVERLAPPED) lpOverlapped // overlapped structure); 

    If the solution for DeviceIoControl was successful, a non-zero value is charged. If the name fails or is expected (not immediately), DeviceIoControl often returns zero. A class driver can report GetLastError to get a more error-free message.

    If Audio needs to change the default code configuration settings, it can use IOCTL_AZALIABUS_SENDVERBS to send and receive sets and thus receive verbs from audio using this codec. If the link to the recording codec is not about the pin configuration, the entire audio codec only responds to the get command.

    The following example shows a function that takes the building AzCorbeEntry and HANDLE as parameters, and returns completely AzRirbResponse from the codec.

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  •   AzRirbEntry SendVerb (HANDLE descriptor, AzCorbEntry verb)  UserModeCodecCommandPacket c; UserModeCodecResponsePacket r;  c.NumCommands means 1;  c.Command [0] is equal to a verb;  Returned DWORD bytes;// For a successful call, a nonzero value must be returned; this is also interpreted as TRUEBOOL rc = DeviceIoControl (handle, IOCTL_AZALIABUS_SENDVERBS, & c, sizeof (c), & r, sizeof (r), & BytesReturned, 0);  if (! rc)      printf ("Communication error with a specific device!  n");    Returns 0;    if (Bytes returned! = sizeof (r))      printf ("Wrong choice of returned bytes!  n");    Visit 0;    n return.Response [0]; 

    The data types and structures used in the previous style example are defined in the example output:


      struct AzCorbEntry  ULONG Verb: 20; // 0:19  ULONG node id: 7; // 20:26  ULONG IndirectNID: 1; // 27  ULONG LinkId! 4; // 28:31  Invalid list means 0xffffffff;  AzCorbEntry (ULONG x is 0)  :    Verb (x),    NodeId (x >> 20),    Indirect NID (x >> 27),    LinkId (x >> 28)  ULONG () operator      verb return; 


      struct AzRirbEntry  union      composition          ULONG answer: 21; // zero: 20      ULONG during the day: 5; // 21:25      ULONG label (blank) 6; // 26> 31     Unsolicitedthe form;    ULONG answer: 32; // 0:31  ;  ULONG Sdi: -4; // 32:35  ULONG Unsolicited: 1; // 36  ULONG Reserved 0> 26; // 37:62  ULONG Valid: 1; // sixty-three note that this bit only exists                          // link ". Reason for response                          // got it in memory, make sure it's really valid  AzRirbEntry (ULONGLONG x means 0)      Answer = x & 0xffffffff;    Sdi = z >> 32;    Unsolicited means x >> 36;    Reserved 0 = x >> 37;    Indeed = times >> 63;    ULONGLONG () operator   (ULONGLONG) Unsolicited << 36; 

    audio codec verb table

    The following two structures are used in conjunction with the IOCTL transfer command to activate the command and respond to transfers between the audio driver in addition to the HD audio codec.


      typedef struct _UserModeCodecCommandPacket  ULONG Num orders; // a number that relates to the commands of this package  AzCorbEntry command [1]; // Variable length array due to verbs UserModeCodecCommandPacket; 


      typedef struct _UserModeCodecResponsePacket  ULONG NumResponses; // If the IOCTL is successful, it is updated with a new number of responses.  Answer by AzRirbEntry [1]; // Variable length array for responses. LpOutBuffe parameterr for DeviceIoControl                            // must provide enough space in the path to include this IOCTL in all of its responses UserModeCodecResponsePacket; 
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