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Easy Troubleshooting ATX 300 12z

You may encounter an error message while troubleshooting atx 300 12z. Coincidentally, there are several ways to solve this problem, which we will discuss shortly.

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    I know this is a long post and you don’t really see it in either men or women, but last night I was beaten by the ATX-300-12Z (Rev:BD), in addition to feeling that something that I don’t have at all. .

    atx 300 12z troubleshooting

    Someone had a machine that didn’t have the PSU LED blinking and actually ran it for us. I have read about some issues and indeed the Light c36 sticks out and shows significant ESR. I replace it with two huge main filter caps (only because I had an almost new pair next to me), screw the main board back in place, and stick it into the wall, which… BOOM! … Phew… stinky smell.

    Damn, as far as I can tell what exploded in the air, to be honest, all three plugs were with the correct polarity. I also double checked the only thing that soldered my dots and they were perfect. After removing the board, I noticed that most of the Bestecs did a pretty sloppy job of threading the through parts of a human, and some boasted of sticking out nearly a quarter of an inch of your crossing the ground in random directions, extreme. maybe something withStudied in a hurry memoirs was interested in reassembly. There were also a few spots of that dark brown glue that could have gone (I didn’t know about this until I read here, but if that was the cause it would probably explode or just fail. It was tedious. times The last one was only a week, maybe two.

    The strange thing is that I made the mistake of starting the Bestec PSU forum, I searched for heatsinks or here, something they had almost the same layout and about 60 or 70% of the parts so much that I started, I had similar problems, to swap and replace about 20 components without change. No light, no power, and it doesn’t seem to discharge properly after being unplugged. I’m not sure exactly how they usually do it, but it always seems that the power comes back to you through the AC line after you turn off the power strip, and can actually “turn on” the light above that power strip, which I have seen on every healthy person. offer.

    I have of course checked the main fuse, several replacement disc main caps, rectifiertwo main yellow transformers, new diodes, a few main transistors (with a heatsink) or 4 of the 8-pin microcircuits and a bunch of other noise. . I have a lot of diodes and other tartan base diode stuff on my DMM but I’m not sure what that can tell me.

    Quick and Easy PC Repair

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • Sorry for all the text, I think those who are familiar with this type of powertrain would like to know. If there is a certain part or area, I can replace or check the problem that interests me.

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