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An Easy Way To Troubleshoot Wireless Gateway Issues

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
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    You may encounter an error message saying that the wireless Gateway Troubleshooter is enabled. There are a number of steps you can take to fix this problem, so we’ll cover those in a moment. The permission status LEDs on the Wi-Fi® Gateway indicate the following: Green: The gateway is enabled. Flashing pink: The gateway is starting up. Yellow: A software update is in progress.

    Power Green Power is indeed on. Blinking green The gateway is starting. Yellow Map update in progress. Once the update is complete, unplug the device or remove the battery. Red Possibly failedis equal to the gateway, also known as the power supply. Battery Green Power is on but some gateways are not currently using battery. Blinking green Charging. Red Battery fuse blown. Blinking red The battery needs to be replaced. Gateway yellow which uses battery. Blinking orange Battery low. Off There is no doubt that the battery is not inserted, the battery is not charged. Ethernet Green A computer or other device is connected to the Ethernet port. Blinking green Sports activities are triggered by devices that can connect to the Ethernet port. Flashing associated with light is synchronized with information traffic. Wi-Fi Green Another computer or process is wirelessly connected to the specified gateway. Blinking green Wireless connected devices are active. The play of light represents road figures. Home PNA Green Another decoder or device is connected to one of the coax ports.Green There Flicker is an invention related to the coaxial connector. The play of light is synchronized with traffic. Phone 1 and 2 Green Connected phone registered. Blinking green The line associated with the phone was active. Broadband 1 and 2 Green The gateway is probably connected to our network. Blinking green The portal is trying to connect to your network. Blinking green and red The gateway has been trying to connect to each network for more than three minutes. The path is blinking red Unable to connect to our service or can’t find a DSL signal. Service Green The gateway received an IP address from our network. Configuration is active. Fast flashing green Gateway to obtain an IP address. Slow flashing green Our network is not responding that this gateway is configured, an authentication error has occurred. Beautyyy Internet service authentication failed.

    Why is my ATT gateway not working?

    Confirm that our own Power, Broadband, and Service LEDs are solid green in front of your gateway. If the Gateway’s Power, Broadband, or Service lights are off, restart the Gateway by unplugging the power cord from the wall outlet and waiting two minutes before plugging it back in.

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    Quick and Easy PC Repair

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

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    att uverse wireless gateway troubleshooting

    The following table explains each status indicator and what it means.

    < /tr>< tr >< td >Blinking red

    < td>Access disabled.
    There are no electrical devices connected to my Ethernet ports.

    < td>A powered device is connected to the appropriate port (enables Wake-on-LAN talents for devices that have low voltage when connected to Ethernet).

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    Status Indicator Status Description
    Off Off No mains power.
    Green Green td > < td>The device is on.
    Blinking green Power-on self-test (POST) in progress.
    Blinking red POST An error (not booting) or device failure has occurred.
    Orange/Yellow Firmware – Update.
    Battery Disabled No Duracell or no battery .
    Solid green Battery present but not in use.
    Blinking green The battery is being charged.
    Solid red The backup battery mechanism has failed. Battery needs to be replaced.
    Battery e is lit
    flashing amber pale yellow Battery in use
    Switch each color bit between Battery is performing a self test
    Ethernet Disabled
    Green solid
    Blinking green Activity of devices connected to the port (the blinking of the indicator should be synchronized with real traffic).
    Wireless Off Relay on off.
    Are there any devices connected to the mobile phone (Wi-Fi) that are not turned on at all?
    Green on Wi- Fi on.
    Blinking green Activity of devices connected by method detected Wi-Fi (flashing light associated with synchronized traffic).
    HomePNA Off Electrical the gateway is gone.
    Neo cable connected to the mapped ports or no devices.
    Green Powered devices connected to the mapped location (including those enabled with the Wake-On-LAN devices when the specified low voltage is applied to this Ethernet connection).
    Blinking green Activity phones with the corresponding port . The most interesting thing in the world is synchronized data traffic.
    Broadband 1, 2 Off. -Gateway effect disabled.
    Steady green You have a very good broadband connection (such as good quality DSL Sync Gigabit or Ethernet).< /td >
    Green td>
    Blinking Green The gateway is attempting to establish a broadband Internet connection (that .e DSL is trying to sync).
    Flashing green plus red If a broadband connection cannot be established for more than three consecutive minutes, the LED blinks green or fullYu is ready to go. Attempting to connect to broadband internet is solid red for five seconds. This pattern continues until a broadband connection is successfully established.
    Blinking red Assumes no DSL signal included. This is only used when there is normally no signal, not on a connection where there is temporarily no sound during a workout.
    Service Off The power gateway is probably off.
    No broadband connection.
    Solid green IP address connected (i.e. WAN IP address starts with DHCP or 802.1x and authentication is active for a specific broadband connection).
    Blinking green Pass-through PPP connection attempt, 802 ieee.1X authentication attempt, or attempts to get information DHCP. Red Strong Gateway
    tried to connect to IP and failed (no DHCP response, no PPPoE response, 802.1x authorization, no IP address directly) IPCP etc.) The red color turns off after two minutes and this service indicator lights up completelyto off.
    Phone 1, 2 Disabled VoI omitted P used, row never persists or Wi-Fi power is off.
    Solid green The associated VoIP line is registered with the last SIP proxy.