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How To Manage Arcsde When Unable To Connect To The Database Network.

You should read these ideas for solutions if Arcsde cannot connect to the database network or if you get an error message on your computer.

Error Message

These explicit permissions may not be required if the folders are already available and there is no problem establishing database connections at this time.

arcsde failed to connect to database network i o error

An attempt to connect from a client machine in ArcCatalog to the ArcSDE server without permissions to its% SDEHOME% folder results in the following error message:

Users with SQL Authentication can still connect through 3-tier connections / applications, the server only when starting the gsrvr process because the local SYSTEM account is because the server is using this type of Internet browsing.

arcsde failed to connect to database network i o error

These Windows users recently logged in as connections to SQL nodes and were able to search databases individually or by reference to the Windows group of which they appear to be a member.


Attempting to connect to a client machine in ArcCatalog that can use the ArcSDE server without access to the% SDEHOME% sqlexe folder fails.

Solution Or Workaround

  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the% SDEHOME% folder. Right-click this SQLEXE folder and select Properties.

  2. On the Security tab, select Add. The type name of most Windows users / groups that will have permissions in this directory. The bottom half of the sqlexe properties window undoubtedly has a series of checkboxes for the number of permissions the administrator wants to grant to this user / group.
    Below you will find where to add users / groups, not to mention the required permissions.

    Windows users should now be able to use the exact connection parameters to successfully connect to the database.

    “Read and Execute” is minimalThere are specific requirements for Windows authenticated users so that you can connect to the ArcSDE server and optionally create a gsrvr process under your own Windows account.

Windows authenticated users must have the required Marketplace folder-level permissions to run the gsrvr process on the ArcSDE server. This is required to connect to the database type in ArcCatalog and other service clients. These permissions provide access to a specific folder in the desired file system of the device – run gsrvr the.Process exe under this Windows account.

When checking Windows, a real computer user creates a gsrvr on the ArcSDE server. To do this, your individual Windows ID or the organization to which you belong must have the appropriate SQLEXE folder permissions for the location of% SDEHOME% on the server.

To provide specified p Windows users / groups required permissions on the server, a user with administrative privileges must have both grant and read / execute permissions to view the SQLEXE (% SDEHOME% sqlexe) to be counted. …

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