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Easy Way To Fix Wrong Monkey File Checksum

If you have an invalid monkey file checksum installed on your computer, this guide should help you fix the problem.


APE: Auto Tag From Filename Creates Checksum Errors I

If you select APE files for an album in the Auto-tagging by filename feature, things work better.

Unfortunately, I selected this command after collecting over 1500 facts and information about APE. Now, when I play most of these files with the Media Monkey, I get a certain decompression error at the end of the song – and just like when I say “Ignore Erros,” I often hear very loud sounds at the end of music files. In the check function of Monkey’s Audio, an incorrect checksum is also reported accidentally.

Remove tags from all files that have Monkey feature (sound recordings only to get a lot of untagged files)
Delete all files available for the album
Create WAV files to get an exact audio copy of this album
Compress Album With Monkey’s Audio
Check which uncompressed WAV files of the album are left unchanged
Find out all the facts about the album at Monkey’s Audio – OK
Import Album
File with Media Monkey O -.K. playSelect all 1500 files and auto-tag the filename ( ) at a specific time
Play the same songs with Media Monky – error
Confirm album with audio monkey – error

I deleted all my WAV files while compressing in APE – is there any specific way to get the facts back?

Silver Squadron

Damn it happened to all my new files too.
I don’t want systems to modify my files.
I prefer a well-generated list that matches the monkey source files.

Silver Squadron

This error BROKEN ALL MY MONKEY mp3 files (> 1000 songs)

ape file invalid checksum

The problem is which checksum of the error PREVENTS converting the file back to the .WAV format.

“READ_ONLY” and something before executing it.

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Please Send Me A Shorter Monkey File That Has A Problem? I Will Try To Figure Out What Is Wrong And Possibly Take Corrective Action.

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ape file invalid checksum

You can restore your versions, but do not delete them.

Do as Jiri said ;) and yes it’s a terrible bug where 1500 is wrong and maybe fixed as soon as we get the short file to actually see what is wrong and what needs to be done to fix it.

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Flagging Previously Untagged APE Downloads Causes This Problem!

I created this place and was able to very clearly reproduce each of our today’s problems:

APE file type flagging works well when files are literally already flagged, but untagged APE readme files get corruptedafter being tagged by MediaMonkey.

So the problem is not a lot of files with the problem! I have already posted the detailed description and am copying my CDs again. :( :(

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You are a republic


Are Correct, The Problem Now Is To Flag Files That Are Not Correct Yet. The Termites Will Fix This As Soon As Possible.

With Regard To Recovering Damaged Files, We Are Working On The Application And Will Notify You As Soon As We Receive The Results.

Silver Squadron

However, the problem cannot be reproduced as quickly as
because if we start with the following things, things will be different:

1) copy file eac> .WAV
2) convert with audio horse> file.APE
3) Import into MediaMonkey and compete> File OK
4) Edit the tags (as described above)
5) Play file again> save DAMAGEDNEW,
6) Remove files from MediaMonkey
7) Repeat steps 2-4
8) Play the file again> the file is NOT damaged !!!! He plays well and
can no longer be damaged !! Strange.

– I think TAGS FIELDS will only be saved in the sense of .Files Monkey if
The object turns yellow. So when most of us run the program again with all the tags
INSTALL as my partner and I want them, all “research records in the form we want”, even
to mark them. Therefore, we cannot re-imitate the marking.
– So, I reinstalled MediaMonkey to make sure the startup options
were the same (it takes ten seconds) trying to DAMAGE every file
again. But he has the ability not to.
– Also remove tags from any good APE file named earlier and
then reduce tags with AudioMonkey cannot be corrupted
– Step 5, when the files are corrupted, still fails. In
In other words, a difficult task cannot ALWAYS be duplicated. May be Some parameters can affect the treatment
– detect that RE_RIPPING is great
makes it easier to retrieve corrupted files. receive new .WAV, which is generally different from the previous one. (different file size),
So testing with only one .WAV content does not yield APE files that anyone can get
damaged for testing. (VERY STRANGE !!)

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APE Errors

There is a new alpha dog that should address this issue (see the beta forum). Please give it a try and let us know if it works for you.

Plik Malpy Nieprawidlowa Suma Kontrolna
File Ape Checksum Non Valido
Ape Fil Ogiltig Kontrollsumma
Affendatei Ungultige Prufsumme
Suma De Comprobacion Invalida Del Archivo Ape
Nevernaya Kontrolnaya Summa Fajla Obezyany
Ape 파일 유효하지 않은 체크섬
Ape Bestand Ongeldige Controlesom
Arquivo Macaco Soma De Verificacao Invalida
Somme De Controle Invalide Du Fichier Ape