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    Over the past few days, some users have reported encounters with anti-freedom spyware.

    Governments are increasingly using spyware and adware, which gives them far more opportunities to “ignore regulations, enforce the law and control private communications at home. At its sole discretion “, according to” Freedom on the web “2021”. marked Tuesday by Freedom House.

    Freedom in connection with the web is an annual human rights file in the automated space. Internet reviews by authors from 70 countries, accounting for 88% of Internet users worldwide.

    This year’s document states that authorities in at least 45 of the 72 countries surveyed are suspected of producing spyware or data collection technologies provided by companies such as NSO the Group.

    This, combined with unregulated access to these tools, the power of most people and their low cost, has created a “human rights crisis.”

    In 2021, various investigations made it unnecessary that repressive regimes are not repressive, and therefore repressive regimes control journalists and parts of civil society.

    anti freedom spyware

    The eleventh reportThe sixth to twelfth month describes the continuing decline of the Internet beyond all freedoms. An estimated 3.8 billion people have access to the Internet, 75% of whom survive in countries where people have been imprisoned or made Internet 2.0 by political contributions or religious concerns.

    About 72% live in countries where people have been emotionally abused or killed as a result of physical activity on the Internet. More than 60% live in countries whose authorities use people close to the government to organize online discussions.

    Among other things, this year’s report highlights the real dangers of free speech. Freedom House found people arrested and convicted of speech use on the Internet in 56 territories. Some of these “particularly egregious proposals” are included.

    In Iran, Ruhollah Za was executed for “inciting demonstrations and in connection with new intelligence services” through his Amad News Telegram channel. In Egypt, influential figures Hosam Hanin and Mawada al-Adham were sentenced to lengthy prison terms for violating the principleof human trafficking. They have published materials to encourage women to pursue careers.

    At 41 destinations, Internet users were exposed to visible attacks related to the physical activity of the network. These include a violent attack involving a student at the University of Dhaka who has been accused of “anti-government activities” on social media. In Azerbaijan, police arbitrarily beat a man in a house over reports from my husband criticizing local federal authorities.

    About 20 countries have turned off their internet in the past year, and 21 sites have blocked social media and direct link orders. Basically, this took place “in times of political upheaval in the form of protests and elections.”

    anti freedom spyware

    Several governments have also taken steps to enact laws governing how social media websites handle user-generated content. They bring with them measures of restraint, sanctions and meetings with legal representatives to process requests in real time.

    Freedom House notes: “The most problematic povEthnicity can lead to increased censorship, including political division, investigative journalism, and expressions of ethnic, religious, sexual or gender identity, especially in marginalized communities. “

    The practice of forcing private companies to access user data has received increased attention in at least 38 countries. The Freedom House government said it has approved administrative reforms to oversee the data management of engineering companies.

    “Especially in countries where human rights are violated at the national level, the storage of resources significantly increases the likelihood of surveillance and abuse,” the report says.

    Things were worse in China. Until 2021, only 10 points out of 100 were achieved. Iran and Myanmar joined only the last three.

    The most accessible nature among those surveyed was Iceland with 96 out of 100, acquired by Estonia (94), in addition to Costa Rica (both Canada with 87) and, in this case, France and the UK with 78.

    A recent study called the Pegasus Project revealed the breadth and thenthe depth of adware used to track journalists and technology-armed countries around the world. The Coalition for a Unified Free Press, in its possible October version of the Top 10 Most Urgent Lists, focuses on cases of journalists who have been victims of surveillance, ie spyware that potentially threatens press freedom.

    While the harassment of journalists is not an additional phenomenon, the extent to which many actors silence this press and the associated rapid technological advances have exacerbated the problem. Governments around the world have used stylish anti-spyware programs to attack the press. Reporters say spyware can reveal its sources, movements, and add personal information that is preferable to censorship or that could obstruct, endanger or jeopardize its sources. The Committee to Protect Journalists also found that these attacks often go hand in hand with other violations of freedom of attention and hinder the ability of journalists to report.Political topics in addition to corruption.

    1. Omar Radi (Morocco)
    Since 2018, Moroccan authorities have filed copulation charges against several freelance writers in the country in order to prosecute them for their reporting. Investigative reporter Omar Radi is one of 180 journalists identified by the nonprofit Forbidden Stories to track spyware. Last July, he was sentenced to six years in prison for sexual assault, in addition to the fact that the state undermined security through espionage and then illegally obtained foreign funds.

    2. Khadija Ismayilova (Azerbaijan)
    Khadija Ismayilova, a prominent investigative journalist, is widely known for exposing high-level corruption and its alleged ties to the family and service providers of President Ilham Aliyev. She was sentenced to prison in 2014 and served 538 days before being released. A forensic examination of his phone by Amnesty International revealed several traces of activity that linked the spy O Pegasus from 2019 to 2021.

    3. Sevinj Vagifgizi (Azerbaijan)
    Vagifgizi, Sevinj, Correspondent for Main News Agency Berlin-based independent media company Meydan TV specializing in Azerbaijan was attacked by Pegasus spyware from 2019 to 2021. Previously, she was under the gun of the Azerbaijani authorities, and she was forbidden to leave the relevant territory. from 2015 to 2019 outside the country. In 2019, she faced defamation over the price. She said that people voted by proposing pre-filled ballots issued by the government.

    4. Szabolcs Panyi (Hungary)
    Pegasus of Spyware President Viktor Orban reportedly pursued Szabolcs Panyi among five Hungarian journalists until 2019 as conditions for independent journalism darken in the country. Pani is a surgeon from known for her reporting on government issues such as corruption.

    5. Ricardo Calderón (Colombia)
    In 2019 and 2020, Ricardo Calderón, then head of the news agency’s investigation teamRnala Semana, has been threatened, harassed and followed, which is why you reported the surveillance of Colombian military personnel and journalists. During those 365 days, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights ruled that Calderón was in “grave and imminent” danger from threats and private investigators from the Colombian military and many other sources.

    6. Burjoy Guha Thakurta (India)
    Burjoy Guha Thakurta, a journalist and writer, faced an additional lengthy libel trial and was recently threatened with arrest. Amnesty International found forensic evidence linked to the Pegasus spyware on these phones in early 2018, when it wrote about political parties using social media for political campaigning and investigating the overseas assets of a wealthy family of Indian entrepreneurs.

    -. Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia – Citizen Lab, a media, security and human rights audit team at the University of Toronto, discovered that Pegasus spyware infected the phone of Saudi dissident OMara Abdulaziza, columnist for Jamal Khashoggi was closely associated with the Washington Post prior to his assassination by middle-level Saudi management on October 2, 2018.A recent study found that families and fellow journalists are often targeted.

    8. Ismael Bojorkes and Andres Villarreal (Mexico)
    Following the 2017 assassination of Javier Valdés Cordenas, founder of the Mexican podium, Ro Doce, the Doces R director and his friend were assassinated by Pegasus spyware. their devices, some of which are associated with attempts to obtain information about the death of Valdez.

    9. Carmen Aristegi (Mexico)
    Aristegui Noticias, a retail business run by one of Mexico’s most prominent journalists, has exposed numerous corruption scandals. According to Citizen Lab, Carmen Aristegi was attacked between 2015 and 2016 along with her (minor) son and NSO spyware logins.

    10. Ahmed Mansour (UAE)
    Researchers show that prominent political blogger Ahmed Mansour has been twice attacked by hackers since 2011, when CPJhas documented threats and lawsuits related to logging into his blog. DW, Washington Post, Reuters and AP defend newspaper authors who are being attacked around the world for doing their hard work. The Coalition writes and publishes a major monthly newsletter that highlights the imprisonment of journalists who are threatened or threatened with injustice.

    Omar Radi was sentenced by the Moroccan authorities to six years in prison in July last year.

    Journalists, activists and politicians have been spied on by 50,000 people using Pegasus software, Forbidden Stories investigation revealed in July

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  • Journalists and activists are still fighting the usual impunity in the Khashoggi murder case

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