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How Do I Fix The Error While Loading The Config File?


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    You may receive an error message stating that there was an error loading the config file. There are several ways to solve this problem, so we’ll discuss them shortly.



    I have an application that I usually deploy using the configuration tool in Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 7. The program can be deployed and deployed on Windows 7 and XP without any problem, but when deploying on a Windows 8 system, I throwing errors when accessing the assembly file.

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  • The program will be installed near c: Program Files Name] [App (x86) [Company Name] , and the file specified is a technician file with a name that seems to have been generated by Windows GetTempFile, for example. x4q0toqw.tmp. which then does not exist in that folder and there is usually a link to the exe config history (myapp.exe.config which I have)

    an error occurred loading a configuration file

    If the code is built and run on Windows 8 system, it will be configured and executed correctly, I don’t understand the error, but when I deploy compiled Windows 8 software on Windows 7, I understand that I get most of the same errors when accessing your current config file. Both machines will be 64-bit, but will generate a 32-bit application.

    I’m never going to release two binaries. Can anyone tell me why? I am setting up JIT debugging to whichswarm i can attach exe if it throws exceptions>

    This is on two different computers, but I am logged into the same domains as the same user on the second primary server, and I am the administrator.

    I am using a private Windows 7×64 development machine running Visual Studio 2012 Update 4. I created IIS7 on my development machine

    I would like to use my local IIS in the marketplace if you want to use the web services code written by a former employee so that I can test and debug some of the methods. This code will usually sit on the production server for a while and work. He just publishes the only answer now become one of the most essential ways to debug.

    I created all the source code for the project loaded in VS2012 and published it to my local hard drive with little or no error.

    Then I copied the code into each of our local IIS7 directory trees, right clicked the folder containing the code, soHolding IIS7, and chose “Convert to support your application.”

    I configured the ASP.NET v4.0 pool application according to the settings on the production server

    I have assigned an Application ID value to a domain user account that is a member of the Local Administrators domain on my development machine.

    In the basic settings of the IIS 7 dialog box for all applications, I set “Log on as …” directly to the same account so that the pool identifies the application IDs. Can you click on the “Test Parameter …” option and perform both authentication and testing? Authorization card.

    I restart IIS7, then go to the localhost url to check if service.svc is fully started and I get the following two errors;

    an error occurred loading a configuration file

    Analyzer error message: The error was fixed while loading the configuration file: the directory “C: inetpub wwwroot api v4.1 Configuration” does not exist. An error occurred while running the audit modification file.

    I checked the most important security properties for the folder and also gave full account rights.Th user record that I used for the application pool. I usually see that there is an updated web.config document in the folder, and if I watch the web.config run securely, it will. The user account assigned to the application pool currently has full file permissions.

    I saved a very default.htm file in the C: inetpub wwwroot API V4.1 folder along with the ability to view and view this file in a browser.



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