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Are You Having Trouble With The Pricing Of Your Amino Debug Cable?

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    You may come across an error code indicating the price of the amino debug cable. There are several ways to solve this problem, and we are going to do it now.

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    amino debug cable price

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    After failing to patch the 130-meter amino acid prefix, he circled around the vegetable and did not respond to attempts to patch it. And the question arose in advance how our company can bring him back to life.After looking around a bit, I found the Debug Cable – Quick Reference which has the most useful information. It describes that each console will have wiring for a 4-pin connector through which an important diagnostic cable can be connected. But nowhere is it mentioned what kind of cable it is, what is its pin assignment. A long search was recognized as successful and the circuit diagram connected to the RS-232 converter was recognized:The assignment of the pins on the decoder box (the first pin is indicated by the fact that you simply raise it to kvadrat),then they were purchased in the store:

    10 kO © resistance – – 5 pcs.
    220 Ohm resistor – 2 pieces
    2N3906 transistor – i pc
    Transistor 2N3904 – one piece
    1N4148 Diode – 1 computer
    Capacitor 10 uF – 1 laptopGreen LED – 1 computer system
    Red LED -1 pc.
    Printed circuit board – 4 pcs.93 rubles will be spent on everything. Half of the cost usually came from the board. vand diagnostic cables amino STB, weConnect the cable to the COM port and therefore to the decoder. I didn’t solder the connector to the box, I just inserted the batiste from your current wire between it and the edge connector so that our connector becomes a gasket that makes good contact with most boards. We supply power to some decoders, work with Minicom or Hyperterminal with 115200 bps, nine bits, 1 stop bit, NO equality and no flow control.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • This gave him the ability to control the console. Before packing, the prefix writes:

     Initialize NOR FlashAmino Communications Multicast Intaktos-32Aminet BootROM, version 1.41.07File: The size of the NAND flash is recognized as 24MB.File: 1 filesystem infs found. 1Video: PAL-I, CVBS-LBR,HD1080I50Ethernet: external PHY clockEthernet: TERIDIAN 78Q2123 PHYEthernet: STB7109 MAC for 0xB8110000 IRQ: 2Ethernet: MAC address 00: 10: 02: 29: C1: BEPlatform: AMINET130MPress ENTER to stop normal operation ...

    Press the Enter key and we will go to IntActOS on
    The minimum commands most people need are:
    Format – clear The nand prefix will be ready to buy new multicast firmware.
    Reset – Quit IntActOS
    Show help – sort the list of available commands

    If people around the world haven’t stopped the download but the console is fully loaded, say hello:

     Press Enter to activate this console. 

    The default login is root, the root password is is2root, you login through the Linux console.

    Console firmware can now be used here when imaging a VMware virtual machine, there is also only one manual firmware available. To set up a decoder with this firmware, which is launched from a USB keyboard connected to the decoder, you have to press Alt-M, then exit the password entry, but you will be taken to all settings menus to make improvements, the password is equalized.

    amino debug cable price

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