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Altiris 6.9 Boot Disk Creator Recovery Steps

If you receive an Altiris 6.9 Boot Disk Creator error message, this blog post is here to help you.

Published on 10.22.08 at 04:31

First of all, make sure we understand that files placed directly in the Additional Files folder will end up in ALL boot images during this type of pre-boot operating system. These files are saved across all boot configurations as USB, CD / DVD and Boot pxe images. If not all of these files correspond to all of these boot image types, it is best to place them around a specific boot configuration in a BDC (Boot Disk That Creator) that must be used to create a boot image from a specific race.

So you put these files in the “Additional Files” file in the BDC (Bootable Disk Creator), but only a subset of the files will be included in your final boot photos and additionally checked at boot time?

altiris 6.9 boot disk creator

Are these files data files or are they just executable program files?

If these people are executable program files You are my 32-bit or 64-bit CD that your whole family makes, and are they missing any 32-bit or 64-bit program files? ?

When customers add files to the BDC, either in the Additional Files folder or to be able to specify a configuration folder, the BDC reports it, and when it finds out that they are executable program files, it internally splits them into processor exceptions. categories. If these are not program files, then each of them will be placed in the “general” category.

If you are actually creating the final boot image, everyone has to specify which processor architecture they want to create the boot image with, then the BDC only inserts that image to boot, the program writes to a log that matches the same protocol from the processor as and a boot image. the boot image you created.

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Createur De Disque De Demarrage Altiris 6 9
Creador Del Disco De Arranque Altiris 6 9
Altiris 6 9 Bootdisk Ersteller
Kreator Dysku Startowego Altiris 6 9
Altiris 6 9 부팅 디스크 생성기
Creatore Del Disco Di Avvio Di Altiris 6 9
Criador De Disco De Inicializacao Altiris 6 9
Altiris 6 9 Skapare Av Startskivor
Altiris 6 9 Opstartschijf Schepper