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What Is Agetty / Dev / Ttys1 Tcgetattr I / O Error And How Can I Fix It?

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    In this user guide, we describe some of the possible causes that can cause the agetty / dev / ttys1 tcgetattr I / O error, and then we suggest some possible fixes that you can try to resolve.

    agetty /dev/ttys1 tcgetattr input/output error

    [Business Line: Code: LOB24, Label: Security Software, Business Unit: Code: BU059, Label: IBM Software Without TPS, Product: Code: SSVJJU, Label: IBM Security Directory Server, Platform: [Code: PF025, Label: Platform Independent], Version : “801”]

    APAR Status

  • Closed Due To A Program Error.

    What is the process name of ttyS0?

    September 25, 9:57:05 am Init server name: ttyS0 (/ dev / ttyS0) main road (1612) Stack Exchange network The Stack Exchange network consists of 178 Q&A communities, including Stack Overflow, the most complete online community and the most trusted for the Internet, designers share their knowledge and build their careers.

  • Error Description

  •  For ESXi 6.0 and later, follow the messages inMessage catalog every 10 seconds:The message listed here displays messages every 10 seconds of processing:init: '/etc/boot_console.script 9600' (pid 1398) completed. Schedule a restart.init: start pid 1398, tty '/ etc / boot_console' ': .script 9600'getty: ttyS0 [1399]: tcgetattr: I / O errorttyS0 is a virtual machine listening on a serial port and it doesn't have one.cities connected in series, and hence down; If you tryRun getty to work with serial ports.
  • Local Correction

  •  To stop displaying messages, add the serial port toesxi virtual receiver.
  • Brief Overview Of The Problem

  •  If there is no serial port connected to the virtual machine,throws a repeated error when trying to access a serialized port.Code changes will now stop logging duplicate log messages.File on a virtual device.
  • Conclusion Of The Problem

  •  A fix for this APAR will come next The next personService packages:| Let go will be | |
  • Temporary Troubleshooting

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  • About APAR

  • APAR Is Launched As A System Route In One Or More Of The Following Ways:

  • APAR Is Likely To Be Redirected To One Or More Systems Associated With:

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    agetty /dev/ttys1 tcgetattr input/output error


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  • PresentCurrently I am getting this “I / O error” error when I try to access my card on / dev / ttys1.

    What is the default login host for agetty?

    Typically, none of the connection nodes are listed; agetty is used for local wired connections and consoles. However, this method can be useful for finding terminal hubs and the like. -my spouse, –noissue Don’t display the contents of / etc / issue (or others) until a login prompt is written.

    I’m using Ubuntu 18.04, let alone installing a custom kernel by looking at

    Also my dmesg output doesn’t mention / dev / ttyS1, it just finds this skill:
    $ dmesg | grep ttyS
    [2.377490] 00:01: ttyS0 for I / O 0x3f8 (irq = 4, base_baud means 115200) is 7 16550a
    [.364610] TtyS4 8086228a: 00: with MMIO 0xa171b000 (irq corresponds to 39, base_baud = 2764800) there is also 16550A

    When I restart the BIOS settings screen, it looks like the UART1 pins are assigned exactly, so everything works.

    Does anyone know what else needs to be done to activate it?

    I get the following errors every 10-30 seconds on really Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 Dual Server on EC2 Amazons.

      23.09:57:05 ServerName init: ttyS0 (/ dev / ttyS0) main process (1612) exited at level 1Sep 23 09:57:05 ServerName init: ttyS0 (/ dev / ttyS0) Main process exited, reappearedSep 13 09:57:05 ServerName agetty [1613]: / dev / ttyS0: tcgetattr: input / input error  water 

    Does anyone know what is the cause of this problem and I could try to fix it?

    asked 23 Sep 14 when he was 14:20

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