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How To Fix Ableton Driver Error Compensation Error?

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    You may have encountered an error code indicating Ableton driver error compensation. There are currently several ways to solve this problem, so we’ll come back to this a little later. An automatic or manual process or function of a DAW or other device, and software used to control delays in the receiving path. These delays are usually caused by various types of processing, plug-ins, hardware I / O, or other process elements that can delay return.

    I have recently been an Ableton user for about ten years and started with a suitable and rather humble setup. I was unable to view less than 512 free samples, resulting in 50-60ms latency — a wide range of manageable but unremarkable live performances.

    What’s weird is literally I’m on my third laptop with Ableton right now, with a decent enough process With the i7, and I still can’t get samples below 512 without crackling and crackling.

    Well, for some reason I would use Ableton driver error compensation to minimize latency (enter the exact reciprocal of the latency you get … i.e. -50ms). It seemed to work, but in hindsight I’m not even sure it made sense.

    Indeed. I decided to check out how to recover the latency to be economical. Only this time I did not touch error compensation.

    ableton driver error compensation

    I’m gradually reducing the cost to 64 samples, which is (barely noticeable) compared to the 7ms latency. Guess how … everything works perfectly if I don’t change the driver error compensation.

    TLDR: I have had unnecessarily high latency experience for years because I was stupid and lazy enough to read the manual.

    Ableton Live9 = Driver error compensation is COMPLETELY unreliable !!

    Something tells us this is not the right place for a thread, but it sounds like a newbie / DAW question, TAAAAAA AAAA: –

    As the name suggests, driver error compensation (apparently also known as device latency compensation) only works if you want to be TOTALLY unreliable.

    I’ll provide screenshots just in case to help clarify things, but mostly I’ve recently started recording audio with my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (I used to only record with MIDI) and it’s a lot of fun. no kidding, BUT I just touched on an important method of compensation for latency (which could ALSO be related to another problem that I could develop in another because it is a little unrelated). I followed Live 9 built as part of a tutorial on this topic and tweaked the DEC as much as I could get this element (usually my latency is reduced between 2 units, which makes it literally extreme, 100. To achieve% sync, but yo. .. damn law!).

    However, here’s the real problem: with my DEC setup, just because it’s as close as possible, I hit the record literally EVERY time I make a new record, the money is DIFFERENT. I delays. The difference seems to be around 1-2ms.

    How can you photograph this completely misses the point and it is also worse than not using DEC at all, which makes you wonder: what’s the point in DEC if it does whatever it wants? and randomly adjusts its values ​​every time you press save? At least when the product is completely off you can shop and manually adjust the time extension, but that’s not the point, I want the feature to work since it’s detailed in the live tutorial and tutorial …

    How does Ableton calculate latency?

    Hover your mouse over the software title bar in device view to see the delay in the status bar. Device latency is shown in samples and milliseconds. Note. If delay compensation is less active in the options menu, the device delay cannot be displayed.

    Edit: This can be as optimistic as any screenshot: if I move the timeline up, it shows “1/2048” and then gets multiple. Sometimes the transient starts on the 3rd line (in the timeline), sometimes on the 6th line, the 2nd line, and so on and so on. It’s a little tight lol !!

    Greetings to everyone who has been here before and who knows how to hit everyone in the head !! peace

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