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The Best Way To Remove 20 JavaScript Errors In Internet Explorer

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    You may have come across an error message about 20 errors in Java Script for Internet Explorer. There are several steps you can take to resolve this issue and we will do so shortly.

    This article resolves an issue where a web page cannot be opened when an error script occurs in Internet Explorer.

    Original product version: Internet Explorer 11, Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer 9
    Original KB Number: 308260


    20 error explorer internet java script

    If you’re getting script errors, web pages may not be displayed or working properly in Internet Explorer.

    If you encounter script errors in Internet Explorer, you may receive the following error messages:

    Problems with this website may cause it to display or function incorrectly. In the future, you can double-click a known warning in the status bar to display a message.

    If someone selects Show Details, you can view the details right after the errors:

    line:Character:Error: code: 0URL:http://webserver/page.htmA runtime error has occurred.Do you want to debug?Line:Error: 

    This Internet Explorer status bar may also display the following phone alert:

    Done but contains errors on the page.

    This problem only occurs because the HTML source of all web pages does not work properly on the client side when using scripts such as Microsoft JScript, which can be Microsoft Visual Basic scripts. This malfunction may occur for one or more of the following reasons:

  • An issue has been detected in the website’s HTML source code.
  • The Internet is a site that creates the latest technologies that are unsupported
  • A web page is a page that uses Visual Basic client script. It’s really outdated.
  • ActiveX scripts ActiveX scripts, controls, or Java programs are blocked on your laptop or network. Finally, Internet Explorer or another program such as an antivirus or firewall can be configured toLocked Active Scripting, ActiveX or Java programs. Software
  • Antivirus is designed to scan your folders containing temporary Internet files or downloaded program files.
  • The Internet-related directories on your computer are corrupted.
  • Your graphics card drivers have been corrupted before or.
  • The methods listed in this article will most likely help you fix scripting errors caused by files or settings on your computer. For a quick visual guide to diagnosing script errors in Internet Explorer, see this video:


    Step 1: Check Web Pages For Script Errors

    How do I fix JavaScript errors in Internet Explorer?

    Select the “Tools” menu.Select “Internet Options”Select the “Security” tab.Normally, click the “Custom Level” button.Scroll downand change the active scripting environment.Confirm the change.Close “Internet Options”JavaScript is now enabled.

    How do you get rid of a script error that keeps popping up?

    Hover over “Turn off script debugging (other)” and press the space bar until it is finally enabled. Hover over “Show a new notification for every script error” and press the space bar until it disappears. Press Enter to close the Internet Options dialog box. You might want to disable script errors right now.

    If the only indication of this impediment is an error message, and specific websites are working, you can almost certainly ignore the error. As a general rule, if the problem occurs on one or not one, but two websites, then the problem may be caused by these websites as well. If you choose to ignore errors, your company may disable script debugging. To do this, select the Disable script debugging checkbox.ive (Internet Explorer) in the Internet Options Advanced > > Browser settings.

    Step 2: Specify That The Problem Is Caused By Files Or Settings On Your Computer

    To isolate the cause of the problem, try a different user account, a different browser or computer view, or the websites causing the typo.

    20 error explorer internet java script

    If the script error does not occur when you continue to browse the web from a user account, on a different mobile phone, or on a different computer, the dilemma may be caused by files or settings on your computer. In this case, follow the methods in the specific article to resolve this issue:

    How do I get rid of script errors in Windows 10?

    Tap the start menu and enter internet settings.Click it when the item appears in the list.Click the “Advanced” tab.Find the View section in the Recent list.Check the options below. Disable Software Debugging (Internet Explorer) Disable Script Debugging (Other)

    After executing each method, even try to open the web page where you previously got the script error. If you really don’t see the error, part of the problem is solved.

    Method 1: Make sure Internet Explorer permanently blocks Active Scripting, ActiveX, and Java

    Active, ActiveX, and Java scripts affect how tooltips are displayed on a web page. If these features are blocked on this computer, it may interfere with the work Check out the website. You can reset your Internet Explorer security settings to zero to ensure that these features are not stopped. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Launch Internet Explorer.

    2. On the Tools menu, find Internet Options. If you don’t see the Tools menu, press Alt when you need to show the menu.

    3. In the Internet Options dialog, select the Security tab.

    4. Select Default Layer > OK.


      ActiveX and core Java programs are disabled in Internet Explorer at High Security.

      Screenshot of the Web Options window. On the Security tab, select Default Level.></p>
<h4><span class=Method 2: Delete all volatile Internet files

      Each time you open a browser to view a home page, your computer saves a local copy of that web page to a temporary file. Of course, if the size of the new folder for temporary Internet files becomes large, there may be some problems when opening web pages. Restoring a folder regularly can helpHow to identify the problem.

      1. Launch Internet Explorer.

      2. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options. If you don’t see the Tools menu, press the Alt key to display the menu.

      3. General Select the General tab.

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    In the Browsing History section, select Delete.

    How do I enable JavaScript on IE?

    Internet Explorer Click Tools > Internet Options. Click Security Navigation Bars > Custom Level. In the Scripts section, click Enable for Active Scripts. In the dialog box that appears, enter Yes.

    Screenshot of Internet window capabilities. The Delete button on the General tab in the Browsing History section should be highlighted.

  • In the Clear Browsing History dialog box, select the following checkboxes and also select Clear:

  • Temporary Internet Files
  • Cookies
  • History
  • Screenshot of browser window with history cleared. Temporary files, internet cookies and history settings are enabled.

  • Choose Close, and in this case OK, to close the Internet Dialog radio button.

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