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How To Fix 0x85010001 Exchange 2007

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    This article is designed to help you when you receive the Exchange 2007 error 0x85010001.

    My company is evaluating Exchange 2007, and I planned a development server and moved my email address there about 30 years ago. This development site did all the Exchange 2007 tasks and worked fine. I’m an expert on a small issue using this self-signed certificate for Activesync, but once I installed the certificate on my mobile everything was fine and I was able to sync in real time (CAS computer role) got an SSL certificate from Entrust. bothers me and tries to sync from my mobile device (Treo 700 connected to Windows Mobile version 5.0/Sprint) – almost without success. Whenever I try to sync your device, I get the error “ActiveSync encountered a problem on the server”. When I check the support code it returns 0x85010001.

    I’ve searched quite a bit on Google for a complete solution to this problem, but everyone seems to have different assumptions about this error, and none of them have worked so far, that’s me. Here is what I have tried/know:

    1) SSL on the works of licensees. I’m saying that Activesync first of all authenticates the CAS server, as you can see Those are when I enter the wrong password and directly try to sync Activesync requests to which I add the correct one.

    2) I could access OWA through a browser if my Treo and I can easily view my email through the web interface.

    0x85010001 exchange 2007

    Additional note. One of my Mac users helped me with the tests, but it can’t work on the new remote machine either. With both of these issues, I suspect that the problem is with HTTP-DAV, although I know most of them.

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    7. May 2008 5:50:04 AM

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    configure part 1st version of mobile 6, activesync 4.5?

    First of all I configured my iphone via imap and everything is fine. Have

    we purchased a brand new ssl certificate.

    The sync failure phone says 85010001. It doesn’t work and doesn’t ask me to re-enter people’s credentials,
    so it’s definitely correct.

    Unexpected error Exchange Server mailbox: Server: [Servername.DOMAIN.local]
    User: [ us…] HTTP status code : [400]. Check if the Exchange Mailbox Server
    is working properly.

    I’ve tried:
    Reading and writing to the virtual directory For iis, which is 3, exchange, oma,
    activesync. Access, security and no SSL required – as stated in many
    topics. no luck.

    checked the iis metabase very well and dynamic compression (2 options) was
    already set to FALSE.

    I turned off IP address filtering that all addresses are provided just me grandma

    when I open the browser and https///exchange-granny, a clear
    write permission window appears, I can connect and view folders and messages.

    < p > the phone still gives the same error code and the hosting server gives the same error.

    The phone settings should ideally contain a website address and not any https or so
    /exchange – oma where it should be automatically.< /p>

    The Exchange server is up and running and the same participant is using Outlook on their
    dedicated workstation, no problem.


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    10. May 2008 6:18:04 5/7/08


    Also jsname=”yjbGtf” I am setting up USB sync during user desktop to sync with Exchange

    0x85010001 exchange 2007

    This also fails with error 85020006

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    Chris Hannah [SBS-MVP]


    May 7, 2008 6:59:34 05/07/08


    did your family somehow install the new certificate?Phone?

    Chris Hanna[SBS-MVP]
    MVP does not work forMicrosoft
    ——————————- ————– – ——
    Please doPlease do not contact me directly. Please only post in the discussion group so everyone canadvantage


    not read,

    7.May 2008 7:14: 01 5/7/08

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