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Tips For Fixing 0x000000c2 Error Messages

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    Hope that if you come across 0x000000c2 error messages on your computer, this article will help you fix them. This indicates that most of the current thread is making an invalid pool request. If you want to receive a blue screen error message and / or shutdown code, you will need to abruptly shut down a nearby computer to protect against data loss. This error could certainly have been caused by a hardware device, actually a driver or associated software.

    The BAD_POOL_CALLER error has a perfect value of 0x000000C2. This, in turn, indicates that, in turn, creating the current thread is a specific bad pool request.

    BAD_POOL_CALLER Parameters


    Pool type

    Pool tag

    The last thread requested the assignment of group zero bytes.




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  • Pointer to pool header

    First of the facet pool header content

    Pool header corrupted.

    0x000000c2 error messages



    Pointer to pool header

    Pool content

    The current thread with h2 tags tried to completely delete a pool that was most likely freed.



    Pool header content

    Address of the block to be freeden

    The current thread to free a pool that has probably already been published.


    Current IRQL

    Pool type

    License size in bytes

    The current thread tried to allocate a pool at the wrong IRQL.


    Current IRQL

    Pool type

    Pool address

    Maximum number of threads to attempt free float when IRQL is invalid.


    Address added to the pool

    Commissioner’s Day

    Tag is used in specific freeware

    The current thread tried to free all memory in the pool using an imprecise memory tag.

    (it can still be owned by a component)



    or 0x0D

    Pool address

    Pool allocation day

    Pointer to invalid selections

    The current thread tried to free the quota for the actual pool allocation.


    Start Address

    Start of console address space

    The current thread triedIt was necessary to free the kernel pool under its user-mode address.


    Start Address

    Physical page frame

    Highest page frame

    The current thread tried to free an unassigned, non-paged stream address.


    or 0x43

    Address released

    The current thread that was monitored to free a virtual address has never been in a pool before.


    Start address found


    The thread tried to free an unassigned nonpaged pool address.


    Start Address

    The thread thread tried to free a very good invalid pool address.


    Start Address

    Physical page frame

    Highest Fixed Page Frame

    The current thread tried to free an unallocated pool of nonpaged information.


    Start Address

    Reserve ano


    The current thread tried to debit an unassigned paged pool address for free.


    Start Address

    Starting offset in pages from the start of the assigned pool page

    Paged pool size available in bytes

    The current thread tried to charge an unallocated pool page address. address


    Starting an existing thread tried to free an invalid contiguous memory address.

    (The caller of MmFreeContiguousMemory passed in a pesky pointer.)


    Address to be published

    The current safe thread tried to free a pool with a great bad address.

    What causes bad pool caller error?

    BAD POOL CALLER is undoubtedly a fatal blue screen error often caused by hardware or requirement incompatibilities, driver errors or overclocking. To avoid the blue screen, make sure your hard drive is not damaged and check your desktop for viruses with the most appropriate antivirus software.

    (This code can also report header pool corruption.)


    Pool type

    Most requested bytes

    Pool tag

    The thread has carefully marked the allocation request MUST_SUCCEED.

    (This pool type is no longer supported.)


    Pool type

    The number associated with the requested bytes

    Caller’s address

    The current thread tried to allocate a pool with tag 0

    (This will represent the existing tag tables, not track them, they might get corrupted.)


    Pool type

    Number of bytes requested

    Caller’s address

    The current thread tried to assign a pool with a tag that refers to “BIG”.

    (This is not traceable and could potentially damage an existing info tag.)


    Incorrect pool tag used

    Pool type

    Caller’s address

    The actual stream that tried to assign the tagged heap does not contain letters or numbers. Using such tags makes it difficult to monitor the health of the pool.




    Starting offset from the beginning of the entire paged pool in pages

    The thread tried to free the absolute paged pool address in the middle with no assignment ._POOL_TYPE

    codes are contained in Ntddk.h. In particular, the non-paged pool is suggested as 0, and the paged pool is displayed as 1.


    0x000000c2 error messages

    The current thread has initiated an invalid pool request. This is usually a bad IRQL or a double free of a similar memory allocation, etc.


    Turn on driver validation with pool storage options enabled to get more information about these errors and to find the faulty driver.

    Driver Verifier is a tool that verifies the nature of drivers in real time. If it detects any errors while executing the driver’s discount code, it throws an exception in advance and checks that part of the taxi driver’s code more thoroughly. The built-in Driver Verifier Manager integrates seamlessly into Windows and is only available on Windows PCs. Run the Verifier Manager prompt and enter Verifier at the command line. You can tweak the regular drivers you want to test. So the code that checks if the drivers above are added while it is running tries to check as little as possible.rivers. For more information, see Checking the driver .

    Especially if the storage pool is corrupted, run the entire Windows Storage Tool and Diagnostics to try and isolate the physical storage as that is the cause. In the search box for boards, enter the amount of memory and, if necessary, select “Diagnose memory problems on your computer.” After the test, you can use the Event Viewer to view the results in the system log. Find the specific result in the “MemoryDiagnostics-Results” input view.

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    This topic is probably intended for programmers. If you are a customer who received a green screen error code while using your computer, see Troubleshoot Blue TV Errors .

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